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How to Make More Informed, Data-Driven Security Decisions

Data can be the key to making more informed, strategic cybersecurity decisions — and ensuring you’re spending your security dollars effectively. In order to get the most out of your increasingly limited security resources and meet or...


The Latest Cybersecurity Trends in State Government Entities

It should come as no surprise that the cybersecurity landscape has been changing dramatically throughout the year 2020. According to BitSight research, up to 85% of the workforce in some industries has shifted to remote work in response to...


Driving Operational Efficiency in Your Remediation Process

Let’s face it: In order to get the most out of your limited time and resources, you need to rethink the traditional processes you have in place throughout your risk management program — from the initial discovery and assessment phases to...


Automation: The Key to Optimizing Your Risk Assessment Process

In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, more employees have been working from home over the past several months than ever before. In fact, during the period of March 2020, we looked at a sample size of 41,000 organizations and found...


The Competitive Advantage of a Strong Security Program

In today’s competitive marketplace, more and more companies are realizing that maintaining a good security posture is a crucial market differentiator — playing an essential role in their ability  to earn customer trust and protect their...


Lessons Learned From The Garmin Cyberattack

In the cybersecurity industry we deal with news of breaches or potential threats nearly every day, but when you really think about it, it’s bizarrely rare how little these events impact our everyday lives. Yes, they impact the professional...


Discover and Mitigate Cyber Risk Across Your Cloud Environment

Did you know that the volume of attacks on cloud services more than doubled in 2019? According to the 2020 Trustwave Global Security Report, cloud environments are now the third most targeted environment for cyber attacks. While these...


What is Digital Risk Protection?

Digital risk protection (DRP) solutions can be powerful operational tools for security analysts and threat researchers looking to identify and address existing cyber risk exposures quickly. While these solutions can provide valuable...


Enhance Vulnerability Mitigation With Security Performance Management

Did you know that 60% of breaches involve vulnerabilities for which a patch was available but not applied? Now, as business-targeted cyber attacks are on the rise, the ability to mitigate security vulnerabilities quickly and effectively is...

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