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Stephen Boyer, BitSight's co-founder and CTO, discusses the challenges of patching, or lack there of, vulnerabilities in this currently expanded remote work environment. Read more.

Jake Olcott, BitSight's vice president of communications and government affairs, discusses how deepfakes are "a huge threat to democracy." Read more

One of the world’s largest botnets that was responsible for multiple scams and infected over nine million computers, has been taken down by Microsoft, Bitsight, and others. Read more

Microsoft's Digital Crimes Unit, along with BitSight and other agencies, in coordinated to strike against the Necurs botnet, which is believed to have infected over nine million computers across...

Microsoft and BitSight, in coordination with several other organizations and agencies, have taken action to bring down the Necurs botnet, which is believed to have infected over nine million...

The Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit worked with BitSight and others in the security community to analyze and disrupt the Necurs botnet. Read more

Microsoft, BitSight, and other security companies and law enforcement agencies, has disrupted the operations of the Necurs botnet through a series coordinated actions.. Read more

Bitsight and Microsoft have taken joint action against the Necurs botnet to disrupt one of the world's largest botnets. Read more

Microsoft and partners in 35 countries, including BitSight, move to bring down Necurs, today's largest malware botnet. Read more

Microsoft has teamed up with security firm Bitsight Technologies Inc. and others to take down the infamous Necurs botnet. Read more

Microsoft "will take control of the U.S.-based infrastructure used by the criminals behind the world’s most prolific botnet used to distribute malware and infect victim computers." This effort was...

Microsoft, in coordination with organizations including BitSight, announced on Tuesday, March 10th, that it has moved to disrupt the Necurs, a network of more than 9 million computers that had...