BitSight for Security Performance Management

Take a risk-based, outcome-driven approach to managing the performance of your cybersecurity program through broad measurement, continuous monitoring, and detailed planning and forecasting in an effort to measurably reduce cyber risk.

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Organizations are now being held accountable for the performance of their cybersecurity programs. As such, security and risk leaders need a way to continuously monitor, measure and communicate the efficacy of the controls they have in place to secure their valuable assets from threats in the digital ecosystem.
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BitSight for Security Performance Management enables security and risk leaders to measure the performance of their cybersecurity program and align investments and actions with the highest measurable impact over time. With the only security rating correlated to data breaches and financial performance, security professionals can efficiently allocate limited resources on the most critical areas of cyber risk within their organization, and facilitate data driven conversations around cybersecurity among key stakeholders.

Proven Business Value

Control Insights

Remediate any gaps in your security controls with continuous controls monitoring built on best practices frameworks.

Analysis Surface Analysis
Attack Surface Analytics

Manage your digital footprint and assess your cyber risk exposure across your entire digital ecosystem.
Analyze Your Attack Surface

Internal Assessment
See how your organization’s security posture is viewed by others. Trust but verify.
Executive Reporting
Effectively communicate key metrics to the board and provide customized, actionable reports.
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Establish baseline metrics and benchmark performance against industry peers
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Peer Analytics
Conduct in-depth analysis of how your organization is performing in comparison to a meaningful set of your peers to focus investments for greatest impact.
Project expected future rating based on a given plan and track progress towards that goal over time.
NIST & ISO Framework Mapping
Map your organization’s results to broadly adopted cybersecurity frameworks.

Ready to lead meaningful security performance conversations with the board and other stakeholders? Learn how Financial Quantification for Enterprise Cyber Risk empowers you to assess and communicate cyber risk in business terms.

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BitSight Security Performance Management - Greater Visibility With Attack Surface Analytics



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"Being able to show our Board, leaders, and even customers and partners how Veracode is performing over time and relative to others in our space is a powerful tool for communicating our commitment to security excellence, and has also become a terrific competitive differentiator."

Bill Brown, CIO & CISO, Veracode
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With BitSight for Security Performance Management, it’s easier than ever to continuously assess your cybersecurity program — and identify potential gaps in your existing controls.

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