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Security ratings, or cyber security ratings, are a data-driven, objective and dynamic measurement of an organization’s security performance. Thousands of organizations around the world use BitSight Security Ratings as a tool to address a variety of critical, interconnected internal and external use cases at scale in order to enable more effective decision making throughout the global business ecosystem.
Evidence-Based Strategies for Ransomware Prevention
In the US, the Darkside APT group crippled the largest fuel supplier in the northeast, causing a system wide shutdown affecting nearly the entire US east coast’s fuel supply for several days. In Europe, a double whammy hit the Irish health system when the Health Service Executive, Ireland’s health care operator and its Department of Health suffered a ransomware attack forcing a shutdown within its IT infrastructure.

The health sector is regarded as a vulnerable sector to cyber incidents and crises. In the ENISA Threat Landscape report, it was found that more than 66% of healthcare organizations experienced a ransomware attack in 2019. “In 2019, 45% of attacked organizations paid the ransom. The 45% of organizations that were attacked and paid the ransom, half still lost their data.”