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Managing Risk With Cybersecurity Analytics

Your digital ecosystem is constantly expanding. New cloud services, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies, and more employees working from home all contribute to an IT environment with greater agility and productivity – but more risk as well. These new technologies expand your attack surface, introducing new vulnerabilities and potentially exposing endpoints to cyber threats.

Visibility is a constant challenge with this new, growing digital footprint. As your digital ecosystem expands outside your network perimeter, it becomes harder to understand where all your critical assets live and what risks are present there.

Bitsight Attack Surface Analytics gives you visibility into your entire attack surface, allowing you to easily discover and track the assets, applications, and devices that are part of your growing digital footprint. With Bitsight’s cybersecurity analytics, you can assess risk exposure, prioritize high-risk endpoints, and build an effective security program to reduce risk.

The Challenges Of Quantifying Cyber Risk

Understanding risk within your IT environment is essential to maintaining your cybersecurity posture. As your digital ecosystem evolves, there are three key elements of cybersecurity analytics that are essential to quantifying cyber risk.

  • Visibility. In order to manage your security performance and put strong cybersecurity controls in place, you must be able to see your entire attack surface and identify the risks to your digital assets in the cloud, geographies, subsidiaries, and your remote workforce. Yet, as your digital ecosystem becomes more complex, visibility is harder to achieve.
  • Context. As your digital footprint continues to grow, your security team may need to filter through massive amounts of data to find the most potentially severe threats or security events. This time-consuming process can be shortened with the right external insight, which can help to prioritize remediation efforts effectively.
  • A security framework. Effective cybersecurity management requires that disparate systems and teams share a common language when discussing KPIs, vulnerabilities, and cybersecurity questions. Without this common security framework, it can be difficult to work towards an organization-wide understanding of security performance and cyber risk.

As you work to protect your digital ecosystem with greater visibility, security context, and a common framework, cybersecurity analytics from Bitsight can help.

Bitsight Attack Surface Analytics

As the world’s leading provider of Security Rating Services, Bitsight delivers a powerful cybersecurity analytics solution with Bitsight Attack Surface Analytics. With Bitsight, you gain continuous visibility into your digital ecosystem, allowing you to understand, quantify, and manage cyber risk more effectively.

Bitsight’s cybersecurity analytics solution provides a centralized dashboard where you can view the location of all your digital endpoints broken down by cloud provider, geography, and business unit. By identifying the corresponding cyber risk metrics for your organization’s needs, you can quickly develop a plan for remediation. Bitsight also makes it easy to develop cyber security reports that can be shared with organizational leaders and the board.

With Bitsight, you can gain visibility into:

  • Shadow IT. Bitsight cyber risk analytics let you discover hidden vulnerabilities and cloud instances and assess them for risk. With this knowledge, you can bring shadow IT in line with corporate security policies.
  • Areas of disproportionate risk. With complete view of your digital endpoints across your ecosystem, you can view areas of critical or excessive risk, determine areas of highest exposure, and prioritize remediation efforts.
  • Risk hidden in cloud environments. The shared security models of cloud providers make it difficult to assess the security posture of your cloud-hosted data. Bitsight’s cybersecurity analytics addresses this challenge by providing visibility into the risk profile of data stored in cloud environments.
  • Risk on remote networks. Monitor the risk of your expanding attack surface in home and remote offices, identifying and tracking unmonitored and insecure endpoints.

Cybersecurity Analytics To Manage Risk In Your Remote Workforce

As your remote workforce continues to expand, the risk associated with remote and home offices grows as well. Employees working outside the office tend to rely on unmonitored and less protected networks that represent a greater exposure to malware, and are connecting to company data with internet utilized by others in their household.

Bitsight’s cybersecurity analytics provides greater visibility into this expanded operating environment. With Bitsight, you can discover the risks associated with your remote workforce and take swift action to mitigate it.

Bitsight offers a mapping capability that helps discover risk on remote office IP addresses. You can view the security issues associated with remote offices vs. corporate network, and view details of compromised systems or open ports that could be exploited by attackers.

Bitsight’s technology also lets you prioritize risk mitigation strategies and enforce remediation beyond your corporate network. By establishing robust security controls for your remote workforce, on top of requiring security measures for all employees like two-factor authentication or VPN log-in software, you can strengthen the security posture of your entire enterprise.

Why Choose Bitsight Analytics?

A world-leading solution

Bitsight is the most widely adopted Security Ratings solution in the world. Bitsight’s 2,900+ customers include 20% of the world’s countries and 25% of Fortune 500 companies.

Greater visibility

Bitsight’s proprietary method of collecting data from 120+ sources offers you unprecedented visibility into key risk vectors, many of which are completely unique to Bitsight.

An engaged community

The Bitsight platform is home to the most robust community of cyber risk professionals in the industry. Bitsight customers share security ratings with more than 170,000 third-party organizations, making Bitsight the most widely used security ratings platform across all industries.

Prioritization of risk factors

Bitsight incorporates only the most critical, high-quality risk vectors into its Security Rating, and Bitsight calculates importance to ensure the most critical assets are ranked higher.

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