Why Bitsight

Trust and transparency at unimaginable scale.

Steve Harvey
Chief Executive Officer, Bitsight

We built Bitsight on trust.  It is our guiding principle.  Our north star.  A responsibility and privilege that defines who we are, because our customers, our partners, and the people they keep safe, deserve it.

Steve Harvey
Chief Executive Officer, Bitsight

why bitsight quote
why bitsight we see all of you

The only provider that cuts across first, third, and fourth party risk to identify what is truly putting your organization in harm’s way.

Bitsight data sits at the center of global commerce and trust issuance.

We invented the cyber ratings industry and now we are revolutionizing how modern security leaders assess, manage, and communicate risk to protect their organizations.

With over 44 trillion events across 40 million actively monitored organizations, we see A LOT.  We see it trend over time.  And we see you how the bad guys see you.

When you combine a patented correlated cybersecurity risk engine, AI, and human insights from the world’s best threat research analysts, the intelligence is game-changing.

It’s not just better. It’s an entirely different level.

why bitsight unmatched
Unmatched data collection

200+ trillion events
Over 1 million mapped entities
400 billion security events processed daily
40 million actively monitored organizations

why bitsight vetted validated
Vetted, validated, correlated

25 Risk vectors
Integrated AI discovery and correlation 
95 technical researchers
500,000 human-validated organizations

why bitsight risk vectors
Risk vectors, behaviors, and indicators of compromise

Botnet infections
Spam propagation
Malware servers
Unsolicited communications
Exposed credentials

SPF Domain configuration
DKIM Record effectiveness
TLS/SSL Certificate configuration
Open ports
Patching cadence 
File sharing

why bitsight controls workflow automation

Transform weeks of vendor onboarding process to hours and days. Move vendor management from spreadsheets to workflows. See more, do less.

  • Customizable workflows
  • Automated vendor onboarding
  • Risk insights to drive action
why bitsight communicate risk

Let data tell your cybersecurity story.

  • Benchmark against industry peers
  • Measure performance over time
  • Quantify your exposure