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Professional Services

We’re more than a technology vendor. We’re your cybersecurity strategic partner with years of experience working with customers to improve their cyber risk.

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BitSight Professional Services enables customers to realize maximum value right away through a dedicated advisor. No matter where you are in your cyber risk program, our advisors can accelerate any program’s maturity by augmenting your operation and mentoring your staff.

Our services are capable of augmenting your existing operation to deliver value by:

  • Regularly monitoring your vendor ecosystem for risks, performing proactive outreach and assisting with vulnerability remediation
  • Ensure the effectiveness of your internal controls by regularly monitoring alerts for vulnerabilities, and working with internal stakeholders to address process & risks
  • Manage your program’s vendor assessment and questionnaire processes, working in any technical environment (in combination with BitSight’s platform)

Why a BitSight Advisor?

Most widely used Security Rating software
Cost effective solution to bolster your staff’s ability to execute on security priorities
Years of industry expertise and deep product expertise
Scales your team’s impact & enhances your cybersecurity posture
Third-party Risk Advisor Program

Your named advisor assumes ownership of your daily vendor risk monitoring and remediation efforts, including:

  • Vendor Selection: Validate the security posture of prospective vendors as part of RFI/RFPs
  • Onboarding: Ensures that all new vendors have healthy cybersecurity postures, and are remediating any known vulnerabilities. New vendors are appropriately categorized in the BitSight platform by risk profile
  • Real-time Monitoring: Entirely BitSight owned.
    • Monitor vendor alert activity on a daily basis
    • Remediate observed vulnerabilities as warranted directly with vendors
    • Provide custom reporting and support on an as-needed basis
  • Tailored Reporting Packages
    • Regular program performance reporting
    • Board-level reporting on overall risk posture fluctuations and risk trends
    • Ad Hoc reporting for critical events (Zero Day attacks / Ransomware)
First Party Risk Advisor Program
  • Custom training & onboarding
  • Custom curation of your global asset inventory, including helping curate your ideal self-published rating
  • Program manage integration with relevant technologies (e.g., GRC tools)
  • Builds & delivers custom reporting packages
  • Regular monitoring of alerts activity & changes in your asset inventory - works with relevant internal stakeholders to ensure remediation steps are taken
  • Benchmark controls effectiveness and identifies specific opportunities for improvement leveraging BitSight findings

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