Security Analytics

Manage risk effectively with security analytics

For enterprises today, the digital ecosystem is constantly increasing in size and complexity. Workforces are becoming more mobile, with employees increasingly using their own devices to access corporate networks and assets. Enterprises are embracing cloud services that deliver greater agility and productivity, but that comes with greater risk as well. In the face of all this change, IT teams need superior security analytics that can provide greater visibility into the organization’s digital footprint and into the effectiveness of security programs.

Bitsight is transforming cyber risk strategy and cybersecurity performance management with detailed, objective security analytics. Our industry-leading security ratings deliver insight into security performance and risk concentrations.

Essential metrics for security analytics

Understanding risk within your IT environment – and how effective your security programs are at mitigating it – is essential to strengthening your cybersecurity posture and mitigating risk in your supply chain. The following metrics are an essential part of effective security analytics.

  • Security ratings. Bitsight Security Ratings evaluate a company’s overall cybersecurity performance based on externally observable key risk indicators from more than 120 sources. Ratings are based on information about a company’s compromised systems, security diligence, user behavior, and data breaches.
  • Botnet infections. Understanding the frequency, severity, and duration of botnet infections within a network gives security leaders insight into how likely their company is to fall victim to a data breach.
  • Open ports. Hackers can exploit open to gain access to sensitive systems and data. Organizations with more open ports are more likely to experience a breach than companies with fewer.
  • Intrusion attempts. Understanding how many intrusion attempts were detected and blocked can help identify the risk that systems and data face daily.
  • Patching cadence. The rate at which critical security patches are applied is an essential metric for security analytics. Slow patching cadence indicates either a lack of diligence or lack of resources, and organizations that fail to apply critical security patches in a timely manner may be exposing themselves to potentially dangerous cyber risks. In fact, Bitsight research shows that slow patching cadence is strongly correlated with ransomware attacks.
  • Phishing test success rate. Organizations that conduct phishing tests can get a better read on how likely their employees are to fall for phishing attempts.
  • Average password strength. This metric is a simple indicator of risk, and one that can be easily mitigated.
  • Unidentified devices on the network. Security teams have less control over unidentified devices than over company devices. The number of unidentified devices is directly related to an increase in cyber risk.

Security analytics from Bitsight

As the most trusted, transparent, and transformative cyber risk analytics company, Bitsight provides organizations with security analytics solutions for managing security performance and mitigating third-party risk. With Bitsight analytics, security teams gain visibility into the entire digital ecosystem to continuously monitor risk as well as the effectiveness of security programs.

Bitsight’s security analytics solution offers a centralized dashboard where you can view all digital endpoints organized by cloud provider, business unit, and geography. By tracking security metrics daily, your teams can quickly identify the areas of greatest risk and make plans for immediate remediation. Bitsight’s data analytics & cybersecurity reporting features enable security and risk leaders to confidently share security analytics with business executives and the board, using language and metrics that are easily understood by technical and non-technical personnel alike.

Bitsight for Security Performance Management (SPM) enables organizations to continuously monitor the effectiveness of security controls over time. Security analytics within the SPM platform include:

  • Attack surface analytics. This security analytics solution continuously discovers and segments the assets, applications, and devices within your digital footprint. With Bitsight, you can visualize areas of disproportionate risk and gain visibility into all digital assets that need to be secured. You can also discover hidden assets and shadow IT instances, assessing them for risk and bringing them in line with corporate security policies.
  • Enterprise analytics. Bitsight delivers visibility into security performance across units, subsidiaries, and other organizational groups, taking the guesswork out of identifying risk concentration and enhancing security performance throughout the organization.
  • Peer analytics. Gain visibility into your security’s relative performance strength as compared to peers and competitors. Benchmark your programs against other organizations in your industry or against companies of similar size to make more informed decisions about where to focus cybersecurity efforts.

Security analytics for third-party risk

Bitsight for Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) enables risk leaders to measure and continuously monitor third-party security controls, taking action to mitigate risk for third and fourth parties. This Bitsight solution enables teams to quickly and confidently ensure that new vendors are within the organization’s risk tolerance, and it manages constantly changing risk levels throughout the vendor lifecycle. Continuous monitoring complements traditional vendor risk assessments, enabling third-party risk management teams to track changes, prioritize responses, and drive remediation through proactive, evidence-based collaboration. Additionally, Bitsight security analytics for IT vendor risk management make it easier to measure the performance of cyber controls across the vendor portfolio.

Why companies love Bitsight

A proven solution

Bitsight is the world’s leading Security Rating Service for security performance management and third-party cyber risk assessment. Many of the world’s largest organizations rely on Bitsight to deliver a clearer picture of their security posture. Bitsight’s 3,000+ customers include 180+ Government agencies and quasi-governmental authorities, and all of the Big 4 accounting firms.

Prioritization and context

Bitsight Security Ratings are calculated using only the most critical and high-quality risk vectors. By determining importance of security analytics in a more diversified way, Bitsight ratings ensure that the most critical assets are ranked higher.

Greater visibility

Bitsight provides customers with unprecedented visibility into key risk vectors, drawing data from 120+ sources. The ability to view 12+ months of historical data enables Bitsight customers to identify trends and gain more insight into risks and vulnerabilities.

A highly engaged community

Claiming over 44% market share for the security rating services sector, Bitsight offers the most robust community of cyber risk professionals. This community of users delivers context that enables customers to be confident in their interaction with third-party vendors.