Bitsight Insights: Mobile Application Risk Report

As security and risk professionals take steps to improve cybersecurity posture, email, network, and web security often take center stage. However, as internet use continues moving toward a mobile-centric experience, it has become essential to consider mobile applications when crafting a security strategy.

In this report, you’ll find:

  • Eye-opening statistics on the state of mobile application security today
  • Examples of how and why mobile breaches occur
  • Actionable advice for mitigating risks associated with your own mobile applications, as well as apps from third-party partners and suppliers

You’ll also get Bitsight’s latest research on mobile application security—including performance stats by application genre, sector, and popularity. Finally, you’ll learn how to reduce risk and demonstrate security performance to customers, prospects, and other critical stakeholders.

“Mobile applications already drive much of today’s digital activity and that will only increase in the future. 5G, increased work-from-home, and the ever-increasing availability of mobile devices have all but assured that cyber criminals will look for avenues into mobile applications to conduct attacks.” - Stephen Boyer, Founder and CTO of Bitsight

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Mobile Application Risk Report Cover 2021