Given the global environment of increasing cyber attacks and leaks, gaining a view of the risks presented to your organization is no longer just nice to have, but a must to stay competitive. Investors and the board are questioning executives about how they are supporting the business’s cybersecurity practices and hygiene, creating top-down pressure on security managers to demonstrate how they are performing, and what the current and potential financial risks are to the organization.

Security ratings are a tool your organization can rely on to proactively reduce risk throughout your attack surface, using expansive data-scanning technology to provide an outside-in view of your organization's security posture, along with your third party business ecosystem. Instead of taking a guesswork approach to your cybersecurity controls, security ratings provide a data-backed view of your cyber performance.

By summarizing data in real-time, ratings are a trusted way to make impactful security performance decisions.

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Similar to a credit score, BitSight Security Ratings can range in value from 250 to 900, with the higher your rating equaling better cybersecurity performance.  Whether you’re just starting to implement business-driven security controls, or you’re a well-versed security professional aiming to facilitate decision-making and prioritize your security investments, BitSight offers program support to identify and remediate program risk.

With access to the most reliable and expansive data across the cybersecurity industry, your organization can confidently approach cyber decision making.

The BitSight Data Advantage
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BitSight firmly believes that trust is the mark of a true security ratings authority.

BitSight Security Ratings don’t rely on traditional program evaluation techniques like penetration testing, internal audits, questionnaires, or on-site visits. We leverage externally observable data from sources across the world, then map this data to individual organizations. BitSight is the only security ratings provider with proven outside validation of its ratings, which have been demonstrated to correlate with data breach risk as well as business financial performance. Combined with a dedicated committee to govern its ratings algorithm and associated policies, BitSight’s customers can trust our data to make meaningful business decisions based on our analytics.

It is this trust in our security rating which has allowed us to grow to more that 3,000 customers, including 120 government institutions, 4 of the Big 4 accounting firms, 4 of the top 5 Investment Banks, and 20% of Fortune 1000 companies. In addition, more than 50% of global insurance premiums are written by our customers.

Your trust in us is never misplaced and always valued.

Collect Data
  • 250+ Billion events daily
  • Externally observable
  • World’s largest sinkhole
  • 100+ data sources
Research & Assign
  • Patented human and automated mapping process
  • 12 month history for all rated entities, including trends
Filter & Process
  • BitSight distills trillions of data points into understandable Risk Categories
  • Risk Categories are weighted:
    • 50% compromised systems
    • 40% diligence information
    • 10% user behavior
  • Raw events are analyzed, filtered and aggregated to produce high-confidence, actionable security findings
Calculate Rating
  • Daily ratings range from 250 to 900
  • Letter grades provide understanding of how a company is performing in each risk vector
  • Normalize ratings based on size of an organization
  • The only security rating provider with proven correlation to security incidents, ransomware likelihood, and stock performance
  • The only Security Ratings provider with independent, third party validation of its ratings

BitSight Security Ratings are applicable to organizations globally, across all industries, and in all stages of business development. 

Instead of traditional cybersecurity assessments that rely on manual data collection, scanning, questionnaires, or consistent internal network scanning, security ratings do it all - giving you information at the click of a button.

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With BitSight’s Security Performance Management offering, customers have access to an external view of their own cyber program’s performance. Ratings and risk vector assessments can be financially quantified to give organizations a view into the financial risk of their vulnerabilities. Assess risk across your entire attack surface with BitSight.

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BitSight for Third-Party Risk Management scans and evaluates vulnerabilities across all of your network endpoints. By continuously monitoring your vendors, and grouping them into tiers based on the types of company data they work with will make your vendor risk management more efficient. Start managing risk throughout your vendor pool with BitSight.

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BitSight Offers Valuable Insight Into Breach Trends

Learn about how security and business leaders can drive cybersecurity priorities and investments by using an outcome-driven approach that balances investment and risk with the needs to achieve desired business outcomes.

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