BitSight Security Ratings

BitSight Security Ratings are independently verified to correlate with data breach risk. As a data-driven and dynamic measurement of an organization’s cybersecurity performance, ratings are both material and correlated with financial performance. These daily ratings, ranging from 250 to 900, are derived from objective, verifiable information. BitSight is the most widely adopted Security Ratings platform in the world
Do you know how secure your organization really is? See how your security rating compares to industry averages.

Product Features

Portfolio Analytics & Management

Scale continuous security monitoring of third and fourth parties

Alerts, Reporting & Intelligence

Make security risk decisions with speed and effectiveness

Efficient Collaboration

Engage third parties and your company’s stakeholders with data-driven security and risk communications

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Unsurpassed Transparency

Adherence to the Principles for Fair and Accurate Security Ratings & receive unsurpassed transparency into ratings decisions. Learn more.

Learn About The BitSight Process

BitSight Security Ratings Overview
BitSight Security Ratings Overview

Learn how BitSight Security Ratings help organizations with security performance management, third-party risk management, and cyber insurance underwriting.

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