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You read that right. Because, when it's your job to secure the future of cybersecurity itself—suddenly, your day-to-day makes a long-term difference.

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You read that right. Because, when it's your job to secure the future of cybersecurity itself—suddenly, your day-to-day makes a long-term difference.

We are a People-First company and know our employees drive our business and culture. When our employees are supported, we build a great company and deliver amazing results.

Tuition reimbursement

Health, dental and vision care

Wellness stipend

People-first corporate culture

Open vacation policy

401K with match

Parental leave

Remote work first

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"It all stems from an environment where people feel that they're supported, looked after and they have the opportunity to succeed."

- Steve Harvey, CEO, Bitsight

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In 2011, Bitsight pioneered the security ratings market, founding the company with a solitary mission to transform how organizations evaluate risk and security performance. Today, we’re transforming and securing businesses around the globe. If you want to build a career somewhere you can make a real impact, start a conversation with us.

  • We are aware that individuals unaffiliated with Bitsight are impersonating Bitsight's talent acquisition department and making fraudulent job offers to candidates, including by using the email domain, which is not owned by Bitsight.  We are actively investigating and will endeavor to stop this unauthorized activity to the best of our ability. 
  • In the meantime, please note that positions posted at [] are legitimate.  If you find a Bitsight posting on a site other than our official job listing page, we recommend visiting our official site to verify its legitimacy before applying.  Bitsight is not responsible for fraudulent offers or requests for personal information.  
  • Please also be aware that Bitsight has a rigorous recruiting process that typically involves multiple rounds of on screen Zoom interviews and/or in person interviews at our offices.  Bitsight does not conduct hiring processes that only involve filling out forms online without face to face human interaction, and does not issue offer letters without prior discussions.
  • Recruiters who ask candidates to submit unusual personal information like bank statements or utility bills, to pay a fee in order to be considered for a job, or to pay "start-up expenses" after being hired are not affiliated with Bitsight.  Bitsight also does not use private messaging tools such as WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn messenger, or other similar tools to extend job offers.  When communicating with candidates via email, Bitsight recruiters will only use email addresses with the or email domains.
  • Please use caution when conducting any job search online, and especially when providing sensitive personal information such as social security numbers and bank details.  If you have any questions about whether a Bitsight job opening is legitimate, feel free to reach out to [email protected].