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Colonial Pipeline is Not Alone: Ransomware Risk in the U.S. Oil/Energy Sector

After last week’s catastrophic cyber incident targeting Colonial Pipeline, could more U.S. Oil and Energy companies be at risk of a ransomware attack? 


What’s Most Notable in Biden’s Cybersecurity Executive Order?

In light of recent significant attacks targeting the U.S. government, the Biden administration issued an Executive Order (EO) on cybersecurity on May 8, 2021.

Overall, the EO starts to fill in some critical gaps in US government...


How to Conduct a Supply Chain Risk Assessment at Scale

Vendors and third party partners are essential to helping your business grow and stay competitive. But outsourcing to third parties also dramatically increases your attack surface. A recent independent study by Opinion Matters found that...


BitSight Integrates With ServiceNow to Reduce Risk Throughout Vendor Management Programs

Organizations rely on third-parties to keep competitive in the marketplace. The EY global third-party risk management survey highlights that in 2019–20, over 33% of the 246 global companies surveyed were managing and monitoring third-party...


Your Attack Surface is Growing, Your Security Risk Assessments Should Evolve Too

Security risk assessments are an important tool in your organization’s arsenal against cyber threats. They shine a spotlight on areas of risk in your digital ecosystem, inform and prioritize mitigation strategies, and ensure hard-earned...


What is Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) and How Can Security Performance Management Tools Support It?

A couple of years ago, industry research firm Gartner introduced a new acronym—SOAR—into the cybersecurity nomenclature. SOAR stands for “security orchestration, automation, and response.” It’s not an individual tool, or even set of tools....


Celebrating 10 Years of BitSight: A Co-Founder Looks Back

It’s hard to believe, but BitSight is celebrating our 10 year anniversary this week! I co-founded BitSight in 2011 with my friend and grad school classmate, Nagarjuna Venna. When I think back at our original idea of creating a global...


Optimize Your Cybersecurity Program With Financial Quantification

Now more than ever before, it’s critical to build a strategic security performance management program in which you take a risk-based, outcome-driven approach to measuring, monitoring, managing, and reporting on your organization’s...


4 Best Practices for Attack Surface Management

Accelerated by the pandemic, digital ecosystems are expanding. New ways of working remotely, and the rapid adoption of cloud technologies have increased the number of digital touch-points that employees interact with. Unfortunately this...

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