Moody's Analytics: The impact of cyber security management practices on the likelihood of cyber events and its effect on financial risk

A new, groundbreaking study released by Moody's Analytics clearly connects cyber risk to financial impact.

Leveraging Bitsight analytics, Moody's finds that cyber incidents not only impact stock price; they can also contribute to financial risk and credit quality. This is a must-read analysis for security leaders as they seek to educate business executives about the importance of investing in cybersecurity protections.

Gain actionable insights that can help you and your organization:

  • Understand how cyber incidents impact financial performance and to what extent, across sectors and financial metrics including probability of default, financial returns, and more. 
  • Agree on risk thresholds to inform budgeting decisions involving risk transfer and other risk management solutions.
  • Learn which organizations are shielding themselves from cyber incidents, relative to other sectors exhibiting less fortunate characteristics.

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