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In order to bridge the gap between security and the business, you need a framework through which to assess your exposure to cyber risk and lead meaningful conversations on its business impact with the board and other stakeholders.

That’s where Financial Quantification for Enterprise Cyber Risk comes in — empowering you to provide the necessary business context through data-driven metrics that indicate your organization’s security program performance over time.

Cyber risk quantification solution is part of an effective security performance management program.

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Financial Quantification for Enterprise Cyber Risk makes it faster and easier than ever to quantify your cyber risk financially — with the resources you have today. Analyze your potential financial exposure across multiple types of cyber events and impact scenarios anytime, without relying on outside consultants or undergoing long data collection processes.

Armed with these insights, you can make better, faster decisions on how to prioritize new technology investments based on risk reduction — empowering you to leverage your limited budget to achieve the greatest security performance impact.

"With Financial Quantification, I could quickly visualize the risk burndown of proposed security investments and the financial risk of not allocating funds to certain areas of our security program."

Tim Grieveson
Financial Quantification Scenarios
  • Actionable Metrics: Drill down into different cyber scenarios and BitSight risk vectors to make more informed security investment decisions.
  • Business Unit and Subsidiary Support: Run a Financial Quantification on your primary enterprise, or drill down into the quantification of your business units and/or subsidiaries.
  • Stakeholder Reporting: Share built-in reports with the board and executive stakeholders to help bring about a universal understanding of your organization’s cyber risk.
Financial Quantification Scenarios
  • Business Impact Scenarios: Click into simulated scenarios to reveal how cyber risk manifests itself and see details of the scenario’s financial impact on the business.
Financial Quantification On-demand Analytics
  • Intuitive Graphical View: Drill into a graphical representation detailing the distribution of financial risk magnitude against probability.
  • On-demand Analysis: Initiate on-demand, user-driven, ad-hoc analysis for a Financial Quantification based on changes within your organization or the overall risk environment.
  • Minimal User Input Required: Reduce the level of investment required to conduct a data-driven cyber risk quantification with an approach that relies on significant data input by the platform.
Financial Quantification Game Changing Insights
  • Cyber Risk Management and ROI: Leverage Financial Quantification data to assess the ROI of programs and initiatives, and to elevate cyber risk management in your organizational risk discussions.
  • Cyber Insurance Claims Data: Take stock in the magnitude of financial risk analysis informed by insurance claims data and aggregation of regulatory filings.
  • Business Impact of Cyber Events: Click into cyber risk scenarios, such as ransomware or third-party liability, for damage types, risk vectors, and other scenario-specific details.
Establishing a Universal Understanding of Cyber Risk with Financial Quantification Report Cover

BitSight Financial Quantification empowers you to assess your organization’s financial exposure to cyber risk and allows you to transform the technical side of cybersecurity into business language.

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