Cyber Risk Analytics (Definition)

Definition: Cyber risk analytics encompasses technologies and methodologies for identifying, assessing, and prioritizing risk within an organization.


Gain Greater Visibility With Cyber Risk Analytics

As your digital footprint expands, it’s harder for your security teams to know where to prioritize cybersecurity investments. Your enterprise may have multiple business units, subsidiaries, and disparate geolocations, each representing a different level of risk exposure.

This complex structure makes it difficult to pinpoint exactly where the highest concentration of risk exists.

Bitsight offers a simple way to quickly identify risk concentration and enhances security posture across your distributed enterprise.

By helping you quickly and easily assess cyber risk exposure throughout your enterprise, Bitsight enables you to measure and report on the security performance of every business unit and focus remediation efforts for the greatest impact.

The Challenge Of Managing Risk

To manage risk effectively, you must have complete visibility of all the assets in your digital ecosystem and the level of risk each asset represents.

However, this task grows more difficult each year as your digital footprint expands through growth, mergers, acquisitions, more vendor relationships, cloud migration, and the use of home and remote offices.v

Many organizations have hundreds of distinct organizational groups. These diverse departments, business units, subsidiaries, centers, and divisions are often located in disparate geographic locations.

Additionally, each of these units likely has a unique structure, function, and points of digital exposure – and a unique level of cyber risk. This complex collection of business entities makes it difficult to assess risk, and even harder to know how to prioritize remediation.

Cyber Risk Analytics FAQs

Bitsight’s Cyber Risk Analytics Use Cases

As part of the suite of solutions offered by Bitsight Security Performance Management, Bitsight Enterprise Analytics let you quickly gain insight into risk introduced through mergers, acquisitions, subsidiaries, and business units.

Bitsight’s cyber risk analytics solution enables you to:

  • Align security programs with business objectives. Bitsight cyber risk analytics help you align the security performance of business units, geographies, and subsidiaries with the security posture of your entire organization.
  • Monitor performance across the organization. Get an at-a-glance view of the security performance of multiple groups throughout a complex organization in one simplified tool.
  • Discover group-based security performance issues. Get real-time, objective data and metrics to uncover the issues within each business group that most significantly impact security performance.
  • Enforce security controls. Automatically create an action plan for subsidiaries and risk vectors based on the potential impact on your organization when one of the sub-organizations experiences a cyber threat.
  • Allocate security resources effectively. Prioritize efforts and investments to the areas of the enterprise that can have the most significant impact on security performance.
  • Build more informed plans for improvement. Set performance targets and create improvement plans for each business group.
  • Produce more effective reports. Provide senior executives and board members with cyber risk reports that effectively measure the security performance of different units and answer critical cybersecurity questions.


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