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Vendor Risks: 5 Ways To Improve Third-Party Cybersecurity

You can’t go more than a few weeks (or sometimes a few days) without hearing about yet another company whose data was compromised after hackers gained access through a third-party vendor. These attacks show that it’s no longer enough to...


Data Breaches Within the Retail and Hospitality Industries

The holiday season is upon us, with consumers hastily laying travel plans between time spent browsing for gifts for loved ones. During this season, a few also remember that major retail breaches have long-lasting and far-reaching...


BitSight Executive Chairman of the Board Receives Recognition By Ronald McDonald House

Over 15 years ago, Shaun McConnon, BitSight’s former CEO and current Executive Chairman of the Board, became involved with giving back to the local Boston community. Shaun and his wife, Bonnie, sat on the Board for a Sudbury-based...


The 8-Part GDPR Compliance Checklist For Prepared Organisations

The May 2018 deadline for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance is drawing closer — which means your organisation’s compliance activities should be well underway. But if you’re still looking for a place to start, here’s a...


The Importance of Speed in Driving Business Value Through Your VRM Program

In today’s expanding business ecosystem, managing vendor risk is becoming increasingly critical to protecting companies’ sensitive data. With new threats emerging daily and companies continuing to outsource, vendor risk management is an...


Examining The Growing Cyber Risk Gap

In today’s business world, the desire to transact in the digital realm is dramatically accelerating and, unfortunately, so is the cyber risk that one takes on as a result. Organizations that handle sensitive data are more likely to...


How Mature Is Your Cyber Risk Underwriting Strategy?

If I were to ask you whether your cyber risk underwriting strategy is mature, your first question would likely be: “How do you define mature?” It’s a great question! Here’s the answer: A mature cyber risk underwriting strategy considers...


BitSight Reaches Milestone of 110K Human Validated Organizations

This October, BitSight celebrated another very important milestone as the leader and pioneer of the security ratings market: now, BitSight has high-quality, historical data on over 110,000 global organizations at users’ fingertips.


3 Steps for Building A Third-Party Continuous Monitoring Plan

In today’s security climate, talk of proper cybersecurity procedures must include discussion of a continuous monitoring plan that applies both internally and externally (with the company’s third-party vendors). And while continuous...


How & Why U.S. Businesses Should Prepare For GDPR

As a U.S.-based company, you may be asking yourself, “Does my company need to prepare for the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?” Simply put, if you process personal data for anyone in the European Union, the answer is very...

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