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Making Vendor Risk Collaborative, Not Combative

Reducing cyber risk that stems from third and fourth party vendors is no easy task. It requires that organizations not only have the ability to continuously monitor and identify new risk, but also the ability to work with their vendors...


Are Vendors Meeting Your Company’s Security Standards?

When it comes to vendor risk management, organizations ultimately need their vendors to meet the same standard of security performance they hold for their own organization. For years, the Finance industry has been a trailblazer in...


Where Should You Be Spending Your Cybersecurity Budget?

The goal of cybersecurity is to help mitigate or prevent a cyber attack that could cause significant harm to your business, your operations, your financial performance, or your customers. But organizations with mature cybersecurity...


Should You Underwrite A Company That’s Been Breached Before?

In many lines of insurance, claim activity is part of the norm—and it’s expected that you’ll have to underwrite to losses consistently. For example, in casualty lines, it’s common to have workers file for worker’s compensation because...


Cybersecurity Reporting Best Practices

Today, businesses are at an interesting intersection when it comes to cybersecurity reporting: with modern technology, tons of data and thousands upon thousands of metrics are available to report on — but it’s difficult to determine...


Financial Services Cybersecurity: Third- & Fourth-Party Best Practices

The financial services industry is known for its mature cybersecurity programs. There are many drivers for this, one being the increasingly strict regulatory environment. For example, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC)...


Cybersecurity For Law Firms: A Business Risk To Take Seriously

The legal sector is one of the more interesting industries to examine when it comes to cybersecurity—and there are a few reasons for this. First, law firms and other legal organizations are one of the most widely-used third parties....


What Are the Responsibilities of Chief Information Security Officer?

In today’s business environment, companies are often focused on how to best use technology to acquire new customers and improve the customer experience, as these IT applications help generate revenue for the organizations. But every...


The Importance of Actionable Metrics in Managing Vendor Risk

In today’s market, an increasing number of security and risk management executives are being asked to present to the Board of Directors on the state of their — and their third parties’ — security and risk programs. Gartner estimates...

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