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What Your Board Does (& Doesn't) Need To Know About Cybersecurity

Special thanks to Venky Ganesan, the managing director of Menlo Ventures, for his insights into this topic.

Cybersecurity training for boards of directors has become more common in recent years. But just because cybersecurity in general...


Outdated Mobile Devices Double the Chances of a Breach

A key factor in the widespread reach of the WannaCry ransomware attack earlier this year was that, prior to the attack, companies across hundreds of countries failed to apply a critical update (MS17-010) from Microsoft. This attack,...


Busting the Myths: Is Proprietary Data the Only Data That Counts?

In the security ratings market, some offerings claim that a staggering percentage of the data they leverage is proprietary, and downplay the value of externally sourced data. While these companies may state that (close to) 100% of their...


Meet Our Engineers: Nick Whalen

Want to know what it’s like to be an engineer at BitSight? Check out this Q&A with a member of our engineering team to learn about his role as Team Lead, his experience, and more.


BitSight’s Newest Risk Vectors Highlight Innovation in Security Ratings

Within the BitSight Security Ratings platform, we analyze risk vectors specifically chosen to help organizations identify and manage risks across their own networks and the networks of their third parties. Over the past few months,...


4 Cybersecurity Risks Healthcare Providers Face With Their Vendors

If you’re involved in a healthcare-based organization, you’ve likely noticed the push for stronger vendor security and vendor risk management (VRM) practices. There are a few reasons for this.


5 Risks Of Outdated Software & Operating Systems

If more than half of an organization's endpoints are outdated, its chances of experiencing a detrimental breach of potentially sensitive data points nearly triples. With hackers looking for new ways to target vulnerable data in our...


Are Data Breaches Actually on the Rise?

Security media is pervaded by seemingly ever-increasing and ever-worsening reports of data breaches at businesses ranging from your mom-and-pop corner store to large retail and internet giants. But how accurate is the perception that...


Why Loss Runs & Trends Alone Are Not Enough To Make Cyber Underwriting Decisions

A loss trend can be defined as a projected loss expectation based on historical data. If you find that past losses might be indicative of potential future losses, you can then use this information to price your services accordingly. 


How Can Existing Vendor Risk Management Programs Efficiently Scale to Meet the Current Demand?

In today’s world, organizations must be extremely conscientious about their vendors. It is just as important to be aware about the security of third-party networks as it is to be aware of their own. In April 2017, Netflix’s new season...


Meet Our Engineers: Kevin Amorin

Want to know what it’s like to be an engineer at BitSight? Check out this Q&A with a member of our engineering team to learn about his role as an engineering director, his experience, and more.

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