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4 Things CISOs & Security Managers Are Thinking About Today

We were curious about what CISOs and security managers have on their minds these days—so we searched around online and asked a few to share their thoughts. Below, you’ll find some interesting insights and observations to get a good...


Using BitSight Security Ratings to Ensure Cyber Hygiene

Last week, one of BitSight’s board members, Venky Ganesan of Menlo Ventures, gave a testimony to the Senate Commerce Committee on “The Promises and Perils of Emerging Technologies for Cybersecurity”. Watch his testimony here.


Cyber Insurance Underwriting: What Role Do Security Ratings Play?

If you’re involved in the cyber insurance underwriting process—from the transaction to the ongoing operations—you’re constantly looking for things to help you (and your team) select better risks. Here are three specific ways BitSight’s...


New Research: W-2 Phishing Scams Increase During Tax Season

Stress and worry are emotions that are often linked with the period between the beginning of a new year and mid-April, the federal tax filing deadline. Modern technology has brought with it techniques and applications that reduce this...


How To Combat Security Risks In Cyber Insurance

As an underwriter in the cyber insurance industry, you know that insurance is all about information. You’re responsible for making decisions about your applicants based on the details given to you—but you’re also aware of the potential...


How Secure Are America's Largest Business Partners?

Fortune 1000 organizations are acknowledged for generating significant amounts of revenue. Yet beyond bringing in a considerable amount of money, these companies are also integral to the supply chains of many organizations around the...


A Breakdown Of Recent OCC-Issued Examination Procedures For Third-Party Risk Management

Financial regulators have long been concerned about the cyber risk associated with third-party- supplied products or services in financial institutions. For example, in 2013, federal financial regulators put out an issuance to financial...


BitSight’s Response to “Cloudbleed” and a Framework for Addressing Third Party Vulnerabilities


As we discussed in a previous blog post, Cloudflare suffered a serious bug that caused private information from any Cloudflare customer and their users to be publicly leaked onto websites that had corrupted web content. Any person...

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