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How To Build Your Vendor Compliance Manual For Cybersecurity

Today, organizations don’t just ask their vendors, business partners, and third parties to perform a service or provide a product. They also expect them to meet a number of contractual requirements. Financial and legal requirements are...


The Cybersecurity Pocket Dictionary: 24 Terms You Should Know

Like many technical industries, cybersecurity has a lot of specialized lingo. But there are two dozen cybersecurity terms in particular that are critical to understand. We’ve defined them here (in alphabetical order) and linked to a few...


The Rising Face of Cybercrime: Ransomware

Ransomware has been all the talk lately in the security industry- and deservedly so. These attacks have surged in the last year: hospitals, banks, and local police departments have all been infected with ransomware. Organizations have been...


AndroidBauts - Advertising with a bit more than expected

From time to time we have the opportunity to sinkhole domains that have an high volume of traffic and are part of a mobile device botnet. In the beginning of July we registered a domain that we found to be part of the AndroidBauts family...


How Does BitSight Work? A Look At Security Ratings & How They're Used

Since our foundation in 2011 as the first company to provide a rating for measuring a company’s cyber security, BitSight has become the world-leading security ratings provider. BitSight is used around the world by industry leaders, country...


3 Attack Vectors That Lead to Cybersecurity Breaches

When we talk about cybersecurity events, we often discuss “the three principles of security” — which can be abbreviated as “CIA”: 


A Vendor Risk Management Checklist For Small Companies

Vendor risk management (VRM) is a very broad category that encompasses all the measures an organization may take to prevent issues or business disruptions that arise due to vendor and third party relationships. Legal issues, past...

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