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3 Ways Industry Benchmarking Data Can Be Used in VRM Programs

Assessing the security performance of your vendors and third parties is crucial considering the amount of access to sensitive information we grant to these partners. However, for those assessments to be effective, and for you to actually...


New SEC Exams Emphasize Vendor Risk Management

Last week, the SEC issued a Risk Alert, announcing that they will continue to assess cybersecurity risk and preparedness among brokers/dealers, investment advisors, and other financial institutions. The release details several focus areas...


BitSight Insights: Are Energy and Utilities At Risk of a Major Breach?

Today BitSight published our third annual industry benchmarking report: Are Energy and Utilities At Risk of a Major Breach? This report illustrates the latest security performance of the Finance, Federal Government, Retail, Energy and...


Expect The Unexpected: Which Non-Obvious Vendors Have Access To Your Data?

There are obvious and non-obvious vendors, third parties, and contractors that have access to your data or your corporate network. The obvious ones are organizations that provide IT or technology services to you. Naturally, these...


From Framework to Application: Protect with BitSight

This is the third post in a series exploring how Security Ratings can address key components of the NIST cybersecurity guidelines. You can read the first post here and the second post here.


The Do's & Don'ts Of Sharing Sensitive Information With Vendors

No matter what industry you’re in, there is policy, as well as hundreds and thousands of laws that go into creating vendor risk management (VRM) programs. As such, there are plenty of resources dedicated to that very topic. You could...

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