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Read about the latest cybersecurity news and get advice on third-party vendor risk management, reporting cybersecurity to the Board, managing cyber risks, benchmarking security performance, and more.

How CISOs can Earn a Seat in the Boardroom

It’s been a slow but sure evolution for the modern-day CISO. When the position made its debut in the corporate world, the CISO was a firefighter, constantly battling security issues as they arose. CISOs were usually hired only after a...


AnubisNetworks Acquisition and the Future of Security Ratings

Yesterday, we announced our acquisition of AnubisNetworks, a Security Intelligence company in Portugal. We examine the purchase from both companies' perspectives, get an outside opinion from Network World and explain how the move will...


Poodle and the Third Party Perspective: How Can Businesses Verify Security Diligence In Their Extended Ecosystem?

Third party breaches have become a common occurrence in the last year. From Target to Home Depot and Goodwill, major organizations have been compromised from vulnerabilities present in their extended network ecosystems. Compounding fears...


Shellshock Part II: Are Your Third Parties or Vendors Vulnerable?

Last week we wrote about how to assess your risk and reduce your exposure when it comes to Shellshock.  While all other products and vendors are helping customers discover Shellshock within their own environment, we uniquely help customers...

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