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Setting Standards: Benchmarking Security in Higher Education

Data breaches at higher education institutions are becoming more and more common, putting themnear the top of the list of industries most affected by cyber security risks. Hackers target .EDU networks because they tend to be left wide...


BitSight Insights: Powerhouses and Benchwarmers

Assessing the Cyber Risk of Collegiate Athletic Conferences

It is no secret that America's colleges and universities hold a wealth of personal and sensitive information that is frequently targeted by cybercriminals, as evidenced by some...


Why are America's colleges a prime target for cyber criminals?

The last couple of years have been tough on higher education systems in terms of cyber security. In 2012, in particular, there was a near-record-high number of data breaches, with nearly two million exposed records reported. The following...


Performance Measurement and the Cyber Security Mindshift

The other day, I received yet another email asking, "How much cyber security is enough?" You probably recognize this message, and see similar phrases on a regular basis. It's a really interesting question and something that a lot of people...


How can the SEC become the primary regulator of corporate cyber security?

In 2011, the SEC issued a set of disclosure guidelines that told companies to disclose any potential cyber risk, possible effects of that risk, as well as the status of internal controls and risk management procedures in place. It was a...

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