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3 Recent Data Breaches & What You Can Learn From Them

It is well understood that an organization can never be 100% safe from data breaches—but it is possible to lower your company’s likelihood of experiencing a breach by using a number of good cybersecurity practices. Below, we’ve outlined...


3 Critical CISO Roles and Responsibilities

A chief information security officer (CISO) is a senior-level executive who wears many hats in the realm of cybersecurity — but is primarily responsible for translating complex business problems into effective information security...


How CISOs Should Establish A Vendor Management Process

Vendor management spans a wide variety of topics: from contracts, to metrics, to relationships, and beyond. But one of the most critical aspects of vendor management—particularly for a CISO—is how to manage the risk your vendors bring...


Infection counters & measurement techniques

In June 2016, we observed an all time high of number of infections worldwide, breaking the previous record and raising the number of unique active observed IPs to 20,579,894 measured over a 7 day time window.


What To Include In Your Cybersecurity Board Of Directors Presentation

Most Boards today know that cybersecurity is a critical issue that simply cannot be overlooked — which means many Boards today receive regular briefings on the topic. If you’re a new CIO or CISO (or your organization has just begun this...


Cybersecurity Policy & The Role Of The Executive Team

One of the primary roles of senior executives—from the CISO to the general council and all the way up to the board of directors—is to ensure that an organization has policies set in place for cybersecurity.


2015 Publicly Disclosed Breach Data

In 2002 California became the first state to pass a data breach notification law, requiring companies doing business in the state to disclose any breach of the security of computerized data including personal information. The law went...


28 Data Breach Statistics That Will Inspire You (To Protect Yourself)

The importance—and urgency—of cybersecurity measures have become increasingly visible in recent years. Yearly industry reports from the likes of VerizonTrustwave, and PwC all express the importance of cybersecurity measures and the...


Analyzing Important Supply Chain Risk Management Data

Surveys highlighting third-party security and supply chain risk management best practices are conducted regularly. Many of them draw a similar conclusion: that supply chain risk management is a critical issue IT professionals are aware...


The Underlying Threat to the Supply Chain: Cloud Service Providers

Organizations have come to depend on cloud service providers for key services - from email and domain registrars, to payment processors and certificate authorities. According to the 2015 Cloud Computing Survey by IDG, 72% of...


Third-Party Security: How To Successfully Monitor For Potential Breaches

Recently, BitSight commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the practices of IT decision-makers as they relate to third party monitoring and managing third-party risk. From the survey, we learned that 59% of IT decision-makers...


File Sharing & Email Security Across The Globe

Despite all the complex cybersecurity threats facing organizations around the globe, employee behavior often leads to security compromise. In a recent Experian survey, 66% of data protection and privacy training professionals say...

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