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Washington moves on Data Breach Notification Standards

At BitSight, we’ve taken interest in the need for transparency and the ripple effects of major data breaches following the recent data loss events hitting major US retailers. Many security experts, including our own CTO Stephen Boyer,...


Security Ratings: An Objective Risk Metric for Cyber Insurers

Cyber insurance is one of the fastest growing segments in the insurance industry.  With the tremendous increase in data breaches companies are looking for insurance products to cover them in the event of a loss. As reported in a recent ...


Third Party Risk Management Becomes a Topic of Interest at RSA

Before the legions of attendees descend on San Francisco for the RSA conference next week, I wanted to take a minute to share three sessions that may be of interest! If third party risk management is an area of concern for you, clear your...


Email Security Best Practices: How To Avoid SPF Misconfiguration

The threat from malicious email represents one of the greatest risks to IT security. The Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group (MAAWG) identifies 85% of incoming mail as abusive or malicious.  One of the best practices to curb this risk is...


How Strong is the Cyber Health of the U.S. Economy?

With the headlines these days filled with news of data breaches - Target, Neiman Marcus, Michaels, to name a few - cyber security is now top of mind among Americans. We know that today every business faces cyber risk, but just how are U.S....


Third-Party Risk Questionnaires: Best Practice or Legacy Tool?

Questionnaires have been a key part of third-party risk management programs for decades. And, until recently, they were the primary way businesses checked up on the cybersecurity performance of their third-party vendors. 


Regulators Put More Emphasis on Third-Party Risk Management

With so much of today's business processes dependent on a complicated network of suppliers, contractors, and service providers, the problem of determining liability for data privacy and protection is quickly coming to a head. When...

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