What are companies doing (or not doing) to secure your data?

When companies have data breaches and lose confidential information, most times, they’ve lost your confidential information. There are several things companies can do to increase their security performance and increase the protection surrounding data — the question is, do they?

In February of 2014, we analyzed the security performance of leading companies in the finance, utilities, retail, and healthcare sectors. Our studies showed that in 2013, 82% of those companies had a security compromise.

This BitSIght Insights industry report details:

  • The best and worst performing industries in 2013
  • What kinds of malware were most prevalent in each sector
  • Which industry is leading the pack in security performance
  • The industry predicted to be the most susceptible to breach in 2014

Download “Will Healthcare Be The Next Retail?” today to learn where your data is best protected.

Will Healthcare Be The Next Retail