Digital Risk Protection

Adding Power To Digital Risk Protection

Digital risk protection (DRP) solutions can be powerful tools for addressing cyber risk and ensuring cybersecurity protection. Digital risk protection tools use cyber threat intelligence to identify vulnerabilities such as open ports, stolen credentials, and other security issues. Yet, because DRP solutions don’t always focus on long-term performance management, they can be inadequate at helping organizations to improve their overall security posture.

Bitsight for Security Performance Management offers tools that can complement other digital risk protection solutions. By helping security leaders better understand performance over time, Bitsight makes it easier to allocate limited resources to the areas of greatest need, take steps to improve overall security posture, and achieve measurable risk reduction.

The Limits Of Digital Risk Protection

Digital risk protection is a set of solutions and services that defend an organization from threats to its digital footprint and attack surface. Digital risk protection extends from the mitigation of potential phishing attempts to dark web capabilities and everything in between.

Digital risk protection tools enable security analysts and threat researchers to:

  • Mitigate cyber threats using actionable data, alerting, and remediation workflows.
  • Uncover which assets belong to their organization and which might hiding undetected and unwarranted
  • Understand the threat landscape, including identifying active campaigns against their organization or industry sector.
  • Protect their brand against malicious actors targeting employee avenues to access data

The challenge of digital risk protection solutions is that these tools for reducing exposure and driving remediation don’t focus on the strategic end of the security spectrum. Digital risk protection tools tend to focus on short-term exposure mitigation rather than proactive, long-term performance management context, developing cybersecurity standards, and implementing cybersecurity best practices.

Bitsight For Security Performance Management

Bitsight offers a solution that can complement or replace traditional digital risk protection tools. Bitsight for Security Performance Management offers a more comprehensive approach to managing risk. With Bitsight, security leaders can better track their performance over time, determine how to best allocate limited resources, and make risk-based decisions about information security requirements.

Bitsight for Security Performance Management uses Bitsight Security Ratings to provide the additional context and visibility security leaders need to make more informed decisions. With Bitsight, organizations can:

  • Continuously monitor security performance. Bitsight lets you go beyond point in time assessments with cyber security monitoring to spot gaps in security controls across 23 risk vectors. With Bitsight, you can easily see how your security posture changes over time, and where gaps exist that you might not have noticed until the next auditing cycle.
  • Benchmark your security program against peers. Bitsight delivers unprecedented visibility into the performance of your security programs in comparison to industry peers. As a result, you can make more informed, comparative decisions about how to focus your efforts for improvement.
  • Forecast future security performance. By modeling scenarios, creating action plans, and tracking progress over time, you can identify paths to reduce cyber risk and better allocate resources.
  • Promote data-driven conversations with stakeholders. Bitsight enables you to use standard KPIs based on Security Ratings when reporting on programs and discussing cybersecurity governance. With Bitsight, you get a clear, easily understandable way to discuss security with customers, regulators, insurers, and board members.

Features Of Bitsight For Security Performance Management

As an alternative to digital risk protection solutions, Bitsight for Security Performance Management provides a risk-based, outcome-driven approach to managing the performance of your cybersecurity programs. Bitsight’s solution provides comprehensive tools for monitoring, measuring, and communicating the effectiveness of the controls you have in place to secure your assets from threats in your digital ecosystem.

Elements of Bitsight for Security Performance Management include:

  • Attack Surface Analytics that let you measure your digital footprint and assess your cyber risk exposure throughout your entire network.
  • Internal Assessments through an external lens to see how your security posture is viewed by others.
  • Benchmarking to establish baseline metrics and performance against industry peers.
  • Executive Reporting to effectively communicate metrics to the board through customized, actionable reports.
  • Peer analytics that offer an in-depth analysis of how risks are affecting others in your industry to better prepare for what could be impacting your network.
  • Forecasting to project potential future ratings based on current actions and decisions.
  • NIST & ISO framework mapping to map your results to broadly adopted cybersecurity frameworks.

Why Do Customers Choose Bitsight?

A proven solution

Bitsight is the world’s leading Security Rating Service for security performance management and third-party cyber risk assessment. Many of the world’s largest organizations rely on Bitsight to give them a clearer picture of their security posture. Bitsight’s 2,400+ customers include 20% of the world’s countries and 25% of Fortune 500 companies.

Greater visibility

Collecting data from 120+ sources, Bitsight provides customers with unprecedented visibility into key risk vectors. Bitsight provides the ability to view 12+ months of historical data to identify trends predictive of future performance, and provide more insight into risks and vulnerabilities.

A highly engaged community

Bitsight is the most widely used security ratings platform across all industries and features the most robust community of cyber risk professionals. Bitsight’s community provides the necessary context for customers to gain confidence in their interaction with third-party vendors.

Prioritization and context

Bitsight includes only the most critical and high-quality risk vectors in Security Ratings. By calculating importance in a more diversified way, Bitsight ensures the most critical assets are ranked higher.

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