Implied Cyber Threat Methodology

Understanding Cyber Risk: Insights from Bitsight's Implied Cyber Threat Methodology

In an era when cybersecurity risk overshadows even economic downturns, Bitsight introduces its methodology powering the new Implied Cyber Threat analytic. This analytic provides visibility into a new dimension of risk and delivers critical context to better assess cyber risk exposure across the extended business ecosystem.

Read this report to gain insights into:

  • Analytic Genesis and Development: Uncover the origins and strategic thinking behind the development of the Implied Cyber Threat Analytic, highlighting its role in enhancing global cyber risk understanding.
  • Detailed Calculation Process: Learn how the Implied Cyber Threat is calculated using firmographic and technographic data, providing a clear view of its robust analytical framework.
  • Rigorous Data Collection Techniques: Explore the advanced data collection methods and the extensive cybersecurity incident database that ensure the analytic's accuracy and relevance.