Ransomware For Dummies

Ransomware is a growing risk to organizations that cannot be ignored. The frequency of global ransomware attacks nearly doubled in 2021 alone, foreshadowing a gloomy outlook for the rest of 2022.

Security and vendor risk managers don’t need to blindly fight back. In partnership with Wiley publishing, Bitsight created an all-encompassing guide to everything and everything you need to know to protect your organization from the devastating impacts of ransomware.

In our Ransomware for Dummies book, readers will get:

  • An insider’s perspective on which industries and organizations are at the greatest risk
  • Proven best-practices for reducing ransomware risk to your organization
  • Insight to reducing ransomware threats originating from your third parties
  • Methods for quantifying cyber risk, including ransomware, in terms of financial impact
  • And much more!

Basic cybersecurity defense practices might not be enough to combat the current digital threat landscape. Establish resilient cyber security programs with data that works alongside your current team and resources.

Download Ransomware for Dummies today to get ahead of ransomware threats.

BitSight Ransomware For Dummies Cover