BitSight Executive Reports help bridge the gap between risk management and executive teams.

Making security data accessible across business units — and to the C-Suite and the Board of Directors — is becoming more of a requirement for many organizations. Security and risk management professionals are being asked to present to the Board on their cybersecurity performance and their third parties'. It can be challenging and time-consuming to compile this data and can result in presenting metrics that do not effectively inform senior executives on cyber risk in their business ecosystem.

BitSight Executive Reports allow risk management and executive teams to facilitate data-driven conversations to help identify gaps in their risk and security programs, and determine what resources are needed most for improvement.

Key benefits of BitSight Executive Reports include:

  • Centralized reporting: Access information about company and vendor security performance in one location.
  • Customer-defined inputs: Query all data in the BitSight platform to create flexible, custom reports for your organization.
  • Actionable metrics: Determine which vendors are meeting your company’s standards and coordinate a plan of action.
Demonstrate Security Effectiveness with BitSight Executive Reports