As organizations become increasingly reliant on third-parties, they expand their attack surface & put themselves at risk.

Today's digital environment offers unprecedented opportunities for organizations to improve the customer experience and efficiency of their operations. At the same time, expanding vendor ecosystems and supply chains introduce significant risk.

Against that backdrop, it is business critical for organizations to proactively manage third-party cyber risk. One of the hardest — and most important — parts of managing third-party risk is figuring out how to get started.

In this ebook, you will learn five actionable steps to help you manage third-party risk. Follow these tips to:

  • Establish an effective third-party risk management program 
  • Get a preliminary perspectives of the risks you face
  • Use as a solid foundation of best practices the can be built upon as you develop and optimize your TPRM program

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An Expanding Attack Surface: 5 Tips to Manage Third-Party Risk