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BitSight for Third-Party
Risk Management

Gain the confidence to make faster, more strategic cyber risk management decisions with the resources you have today.

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The expansion of the extended enterprise has reached a tipping point, fueled by cloud-based technology and outsourcing. In parallel, third-party data breaches are at an all-time high. There is a growing awareness that third-party cyber risk must be managed.

Gartner estimates that by 2020, 75% of Fortune Global 500 companies will treat vendor risk management as a Board-level initiative to mitigate brand and reputation risk.

Current approaches to managing third-party cyber risk  are helpful but only provide a brief snapshot. To proactively mitigate risk, organizations need automated tools that continuously measure and monitor the security performance of vendors.

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BitSight for Third-Party Risk Management immediately exposes cyber risk within your supply chain, helping focus your resources, and work alongside you and your vendors to achieve significant and measurable cyber risk reduction.

BitSight gives you insight into the riskiest issues impacting your vendors, backed by data that correlates to potential security incidents and context from the most engaged community of risk and security professionals.

With BitSight, you can quickly launch, grow, or optimize a third-party risk management program with the resources you have today.

Proven Business Value

cyber risk visibility

See where the cyber risk is to avoid “blind spots” across your vendors and vendor lifecycle to align with your organization’s cyber risk tolerance.


prioritize vendor risk

Target your resources at the vendors who have the highest level of cyber risk.

efficient third-party risk management

Make cyber risk decisions at the speed of the business using objective, verifiable data to significantly reduce the time it takes to complete assessments.

vendor risk management

Team up with your vendors and BitSight to quickly and collectively reduce cyber risk by sharing BitSight Security Ratings with critical third parties.


Could your vendor onboarding be more efficient?

Calculate how much BitSight can reduce your new vendor onboarding time, cost, and be able to scale your process so you can assess and monitor all your vendors with the resources you have today.

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Whether you are launching, growing or optimizing your third-party risk management approach, BitSight puts you on the path to having confidence in your cyber risk management program.

"It used to take weeks to complete vendor assessments. Now it takes us hours. BitSight Security Ratings facilitate security discussions with potential vendors. It’s an integral part of our vendor risk management program."

Michael Christian, Information Security Manager of Cyber Risk & Compliance, Cabela’s
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