Cloud Security Monitoring

Managing your attack surface with cloud security monitoring

The volume of attacks on cloud services continues to rise, even as organizations move more assets and infrastructure to the cloud. To mitigate risk effectively, you need a superior cloud security monitoring solution and greater visibility into your expanding attack surface.

Gaining a complete view across your ecosystem is one of the biggest cloud security monitoring challenges. Visibility becomes more difficult as workforces are increasingly becoming remote and the attack surface continues to expand. Yet understanding your attack surface is essential – you can’t secure what you can’t see.

Bitsight Attack Surface Analytics facilitates cloud security monitoring by shining a light on your expanding attack surface, both internally and in the cloud systems.

The challenge of securing cloud assets

As organizations move more data to the cloud, they must do everything possible to strengthen their security posture and manage third-party risk. The biggest challenge here is maintaining vigilance and monitoring security performance in a service model that shares responsibility for cloud security risk. Under the shared responsibility model, cloud service providers are tasked with securing cloud architecture while customers are left in charge of securing the data they store in the cloud.

To take responsibility for the security of their cloud assets, organizations need continuous cloud monitoring solutions that can deliver extensive visibility into key areas of cyber risk – without overwhelming security teams with alerts. The right cloud security monitoring technology should identify risks that correlate to a breach such as compromised systems, open ports, unpatched software, and other indicators. Cloud security monitoring can also identify potentially risky service providers and vendors.

Cloud security monitoring with Bitsight

Bitsight Attack Surface Analytics offers a solution for visualizing, understanding, and managing cyber risk in your expanding digital ecosystem. In addition to monitoring internal assets, Bitsight’s technology serves as a cloud security monitoring solution. With Bitsight, you can continuously monitor to better protect your network from vulnerabilities.

Through advanced attack surface monitoring, you gain the visibility to assess your current risk exposure, prioritize assets that are at greatest risk, and take steps to minimize risk.

A centralized dashboard with Bitsight offers visibility across all your attack surface to visualize areas of critical or excessive risk and prioritize remediation. Bitsight also uses a cloud security audit to discover the hidden assets and cloud instances common to shadow IT, helping you to align with corporate security policies. And by visualizing your digital ecosystem, you can assess cyber risk and prioritize remediation for areas of highest risk exposure.

Additionally, Bitsight Attack Surface Analytics can monitor the risk of data stored in cloud environments, solving the challenge of the shared responsibility model for security. Bitsight helps to discover risk on remote networks and provides visibility into the risk of insecure home and remote offices, simplifying attack surface management.

Benefits of Bitsight Attack Surface Analytics

Identify areas of concentrated risk

Bitsight’s continuous monitoring capabilities help identify gaps in cloud security controls such as misconfigurations, unpatched systems, and vulnerabilities.

Allocate security resources effectively

With clearer visibility into your digital ecosystem, you can make data-driven decisions, prioritize remediation efforts, and direct more resources to the areas that can have the biggest impact on security.

Focus remediation

Enterprises with multi-cloud environments can compare the security posture of multiple instances in AWS, Google Cloud or Oracle, determining where to focus remediation and training efforts first. Teams can also identify vulnerabilities in their cloud network that don’t adhere to security policies and take steps to bring them into alignment.

Pinpoint security risk locations

With Bitsight Attack Surface Analytics, there’s no more guessing about the location of the risky areas on your network. Bitsight’s dashboard provides a map-based view that helps security teams determine the precise location of vulnerabilities.

Why choose Bitsight?

Since 2011, Bitsight has pioneered the security ratings market by transforming how organizations evaluate risk and security performance. Deploying an outside-in model used by credit rating agencies, Bitsight delivers the solutions organizations need to assess the impact of their own security programs, and those of their vendors.

Bitsight provides:

  • Visibility into key areas of cyber risk that correlate to breach, including compromised systems, open ports, file sharing, and mobile & desktop software.
  • An engaged community of cyber risk interactions across 170,000 actively monitor organizations, providing the context that lets customers moderate risk of their third parties more confidently.
  • Prioritization and context that offer a larger view into the attack surface, enabling smarter allocation of resources based on the severity of risk.

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