BitSight Attack Surface Analytics

Understand and Manage Cyber Risk in Your Expanding Digital Ecosystem

Achieve Continuous Visibility into Your Digital Ecosystem

As your digital ecosystem continues to expand, managing cyber risk across its increasingly complex attack surface is hard. You need to get a handle on the risk hidden across digital assets in the cloud, geographies, subsidiaries, and a remote workforce. After all, you cannot secure what you cannot see.

BitSight Attack Surface Analytics helps you do all of this as part of an effective security performance management program.


icon-2 Gain Visibility into Digital Assets so They Can Be Secured

A centralized dashboard shows the location of your organization’s digital assets – broken down by cloud provider, geography, and business unit – and the corresponding cyber risk associated with each asset for quick remediation.

icon-3 Discover Shadow IT

Discover hidden assets and cloud instances, assess them for risk, and bring them into line with corporate security policies.

icon-4 Visualize Areas of Disproportionate Risk

With ecosystem-wide views of your digital assets, you can assess cyber risk based on individual assets, visualize areas of critical or excessive risk, determine areas of highest exposure, and prioritize remediation.

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