Cyber Risk Management Solution

Choosing a cyber risk management solution

Waves of change are constantly disrupting cybersecurity teams of all sizes around the world. Digital infrastructure keeps expanding, work models constantly change, and the web between businesses gets more and more intertwined. Cyber risk leaders are turning to cyber risk management solutions to minimize loss, enable growth, and stabilize cyber risk uncertainty. Effective cyber risk management solutions empower security teams to become strategic partners to their key stakeholders.

As a leader in cybersecurity risk management, Bitsight solves challenges in exposure management, enterprise security, and digital supply chain. Bitsight’s comprehensive cyber risk management solution gives security leaders the tools to manage and monitor cyber risk, while driving alignment with the board. Our increasing range of integrated applications uniquely positions us to drive critical workflows across risk, performance, and exposure so companies can grow their ecosystems without worrying about expanded risk. Accelerate transformation without risking financial turbulence. Add vendors without their vulnerabilities. And get everyone talking a universal language across the board.

The challenges of managing cyber risk

Many CISOs are working against growing cyber risk uncertainty. They need to protect against risk and lead across the business. But they have to answer today’s tough cyber risk questions:

  • Where are we exposed? Most CISOs have blind spots in their external attack surface. Between technology consolidation, a highly distributed ecosystem, and obscured exposure points, CISOs need to pinpoint where exposure exists.
  • Can we quantify the impact of our exposure? Not only do CISOs need to map where their company is exposed, they need to understand the expected impact of that exposure, both from a financial and material impact.
  • Are we setting the right priorities? Cyber risk priorities come in a variety of forms. Not only are CISOs looking at which activities are right to tackle first, but also whether investments are going to the right areas, cyber initiatives are aligned to business goals, and how to connect disparate processes.
  • How are we progressing? CISOs need to showcase their progress towards risk, exposure, and performance with objective metrics and benchmarking against their peers.
  • How much risk do we want to take on? Cyber risk erodes trust with partners and customers alike. CISOs need to provide insights on how they communicate critical business information relating to risk and exposure.

Bitsight: Cyber risk management solutions

When unrelenting market pressure pushes CISOs to uncertainty and caution, they turn to Bitsight to confidently navigate cyber risk and grow with confidence. Bitsight transforms how companies manage exposure, performance, and risk for themselves and their third parties. Bitsight’s integrated cyber risk management solutions deliver value across enterprise security performance, digital supply chains, cyber insurance, and data analysis. Bitsight’s universally recognized risk standard and market-leading data provides actionable insights for cyber exposure management that can:

  • Manage the attack surface. Bitsight provides full visibility into external attack surface management, enabling risk leaders to continuously discover new assets—including shadow IT—and to prioritize and protect the most vulnerable areas.
  • Detect and manage vulnerabilities. Bitsight empowers organizations to take action on high priority incidents at a moment’s notice. Teams rely on these capabilities to initiate vendor outreach and track responses to critical vulnerabilities for effective remediation and prioritize mitigation efforts.
  • Validate continuously. Bitsight gives CISOs a widening aperture across the entire ecosystem to make sure they’re on the right track with investments and activities.
  • Take action. Bitsight is the only cyber risk management solution that correlates business practices to negative outcomes and quantified risks, delivering actionable insights in enterprise security and digital supply chain.
  • Align security and business objectives. Bitsight delivers the most extensive cyber risk data in the market, including the world’s most widely trusted and adopted universal standard so CISOs can measure and communicate cyber risk with stakeholders.
  • Monitor vendor risk. Beyond providing automated initial vendor risk assessments, Bitsight enables risk teams to manage ongoing risk through continuous vendor risk monitoring. This gives your team critical knowledge of your vendors’ security controls and provides automatic discovery of fourth-party concentrated risk.

Why CISOs choose Bitsight

Forward-thinking, growth-centered CISOs turn to Bitsight for security risk management to minimize the likelihood of financial loss, prioritize cybersecurity investments, and build trust across their ecosystems. Bitsight’s cyber risk management solutions are fueled by the industry’s strongest data and workflows. We’re trusted by over 120 government institutions, seven out of the top ten global cyber insurers, four of the top five investment banks, and 20 percent of Fortune 500 companies.

Powering our solution is the Bitsight Cyber Risk Analytics Engine that delivers market-leading data, insights, and workflows. As the foundation of all of our applications, the engine is the only one powerful enough to scan 40 million entities dating back twelve months and processes 200 billion events daily. All to calculate and correlate business practices to negative outcomes and quantified risks, delivering actionable insights in enterprise security, digital supply chain, cyber insurance, and data analysis.

Bitsight is the only ratings solution with third-party validation of correlation to breach and stock performance. Our actionable risk insights give companies a way to understand their financial performance and likelihood of risk. These insights also enable companies to more easily qualify vendors, prioritize investments, right-size insurance coverage, and communicate and engage the board at a business level.