Attack Surface Monitoring

The key to successful attack surface monitoring

As your organization’s digital footprint continues to expand, so too does your digital risk. New cloud services, more work-from-home network connections, and a growing mobile workforce are increasing the size of your attack surface – and the complexity of protecting it. To defend against a myriad of cybersecurity threats, you need a better handle on what your attack surface looks like, where the greatest risks are and how you can mitigate them.

As the world’s leading Security Rating Service, Bitsight offers a premier attack surface monitoring solution in Bitsight for Attack Surface Analytics. As part of an effective security performance management program, Bitsight’s attack surface monitoring technology provides visibility into digital assets, uncovers shadow IT, and helps visualize areas of highest exposure to risk.

Three attack surface monitoring strategies

There are three critical best practices security leaders should follow when protecting your attack surface.

1. Monitor endpoints

Use an independent monitoring process to continuously assess endpoints – including physical endpoints like laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and desktops as well as digital environments like services and virtual territory. Monitoring network connections can target threats and risky behavior before they become a problem. And increasing visibility into internal controls can help to stop security attacks by determining which endpoints represent the greatest risk to your attack surface.

2. Visualize vulnerabilities

Simulation and forecasting tools can help to visualize vulnerabilities in your attack surface before malicious actors have the chance to exploit them. Tools that run scenarios through your network and mimic attacks can help identify where vulnerabilities exist and what damage they might represent.

3. Limit human error

Even the most sophisticated attack surface monitoring programs may not protect you from human error. Training employees to avoid falling for the latest phishing scams and social engineering attacks is essential. Limiting the devices employees may use helps reduce risk. Security measures such as two-factor authentication and frequent password changes help limit the ability of attackers to successfully penetrate defenses.

How Bitsight helps with Attack surface monitoring

Bitsight Attack Surface Analytics provides a powerful solution for understanding and managing cyber risk in your expanding digital ecosystem. Through centralized dashboards, you can get a handle on the risks across digital assets in the cloud, geographies, subsidiaries, and your remote workforce.

With Bitsight’s attack surface monitoring solution, you can continuously discover and track the assets, applications, and devices in your growing digital footprint. With real-time insight into current risk exposure, you can prioritize high risk assets and take quick action to mitigate risk.

Gain visibility into digital assets

Bitsight dashboards provide a view of your digital assets organized by cloud provider, geography, and business unit, along with the level of risk associated with each asset to expedite remediation.

Discover shadow IT

Uncover hidden assets and cloud instances along with potentially unprotected applications being used without the knowledge of IT. Assess the risk of each instance and bring it in line with corporate security policies.

Visualize areas of critical risk

By assessing the cyber risk of individual assets and determining the areas of highest exposure, you can prioritize remediation of your most critical risks through an ecosystem-wide view of all digital assets.

Manage your digital footprint

Validate and manage your digital footprint across a complex environment – from cloud service providers to geographically dispersed business units.

Monitor cloud infrastructure

Continuously monitor cloud environments and cloud security risk just as you monitor security posture throughout the rest of your organization.

Bitsight for Security Performance Management

Bitsight’s attack surface management solution is part of a comprehensive approach to Security Performance Management. As your organization is held accountable for the performance of your cybersecurity programs, you need solutions to continuously monitor, measure, and communicate the effectiveness of controls you have in place to secure your digital assets from threats.

Bitsight for Security Performance Management enables you to easily measure the performance of your cybersecurity efforts. You can align your security investments and actions to create the highest measurable impact and target your limited resources to address the most critical areas of cyber risk.

In addition to attack surface monitoring and analytics, Bitsight for Security Performance Management includes internal assessment tools to see how your security posture is viewed by others in the organization, executive reporting tools to communicate key metrics to the board effectively, and benchmarking tools that establish baseline metrics and performance against industry peers.

Why choose Bitsight attack surface monitoring?

A leading solution

Bitsight offers the world’s most widely adopted Security Ratings solution. 50% of the world’s cyber insurance premiums are underwritten by Bitsight customers. Four of the Top 5 investment banks use Bitsight for third-party risk management. Bitsight is also used by all of the Big 4 accounting firms and 25% of Fortune 500 companies.

Clear visibility

Bitsight’s proprietary method of data collection provides unprecedented visibility into key risk vectors.

Engaged community

Bitsight’s robust community of cyber risk professionals increases the value of the platform and provides the necessary context for customers to gain confidence in their interaction with third-party vendors.

Prioritized risk factors

Bitsight incorporates only the most critical, high-quality risk vectors into security ratings, calculating importance in a diversified way to enable customers to address the largest areas of risk first.

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