As your organization’s digital footprint continues to expand, so too does your digital risk. In order to secure your organization's digital and cloud assets across the globe, you need visibility into what your organization’s attack surface looks like in the first place.


That’s where BitSight Attack Surface Analytics comes in:

Validate & Manage Digital Footprint
Validate and manage your digital footprint across a complex environment involving cloud service providers, and various geographies or business units.
Assess Cyber Risk Exposure
Discover shadow IT and unknown risk hiding throughout your extended ecosystem.
Monitor Cloud Infrastructure
Continuously monitor security posture in cloud environments in the same way you monitor the rest of your overall security program.

In This Report You’ll See Your Organization’s Digital Assets Summarized by:

  • Cloud hosting provider
  • Asset Criticality
  • Subsidiary
  • Geography
  • Security risk findings
  • ...and more