Cybersecurity Policy

Measuring the effectiveness of cybersecurity policy

Setting cybersecurity policy is a critical step in protecting your organization against cyber threats. As cyberattacks grow more sophisticated and frequent, your organization’s policies must also evolve to incorporate more powerful defenses and more intelligent cyber risk mitigation.

As your board and C-suite work to set effective cybersecurity policy, their decision-making must be informed with a clear understanding of security posture and the risk posed by third-party vendors. However, preparing reports for executives is challenging and time-consuming. Security and risk managers often lack the proper cyber risk metrics to facilitate data-driven conversations on risk, security gaps, and resource allocation.

Bitsight Security Ratings for Executive Reporting helps security teams communicate effectively with the board and C-suite so decision-making can happen quicker. Bitsight’s metrics make security performance understandable and accessible for all stakeholders. Customizable reports make it easy to set goals and requirements for effective cybersecurity policy.

Security ratings and cybersecurity policy

Security ratings are a data-driven, objective measurement of the security performance of an organization. Security ratings can help to manage cyber risk and establish cybersecurity policy, providing continuous measurement of third-party risk and internal security efforts.

Bitsight has pioneered the security ratings market since 2011. Today, Bitsight is the most widely adopted Security Ratings platform in the world. Derived from objective, verifiable information, Bitsight Security Ratings evaluate data from 120+ sources to provide insight into 23 risk factors across compromised systems, security diligence, user behavior, and data breaches. Security Ratings are calculated daily using a proprietary algorithm that weights each data point and generates a score from 250 to 900, with the current achievable range being 300-820. With Bitsight, organizations get the data and metrics they need to more effectively set cybersecurity policy.

Setting cybersecurity policy with Bitsight

Bitsight Security Ratings for Executive Reporting facilitates cybersecurity policy by bridging the gap between risk management and executive teams. Bitsight Security Ratings enable security and risk professionals to quickly pull metrics that give context and comparison to board members and C-suite executives that need to understand their cybersecurity program to make effective decisions. Users can take advantage of more than a dozen readily available reports on the security performance of the organization and vendors.

To facilitate conversations around cybersecurity policy and cybersecurity governance, Bitsight makes it easy to review an organization’s security performance at a macro or tactical level. Reports can detail compromised systems, security diligence, vulnerabilities, protocols, risky user behavior, network infrastructure and domain infrastructure, as well as provide industry benchmarks to contextualize where your organization falls against competitors. Bitsight offers an intuitive reporting platform that can provide both technically detailed reports, or suggested report options for security teams in the earlier stages of producing reports.

Effective communication. Actionable metrics. Centralized reporting.

Bitsight Security Ratings for Executive Reporting provides proven business value and distinct data advantages.

Effective communication

Bitsight simplifies cybersecurity policy conversations by providing easy-to-understand cybersecurity metrics and language that can drive data-driven discussions about cyber risk.

Centralized reporting

With Bitsight, security and risk teams can quickly generate and view reports from a single cybersecurity KPI dashboard. And they can easily share meaningful, contextualized insights and cybersecurity analytics with senior executives and stakeholders on the board.

Customer-defined parameters

Every organization’s security profile and risk tolerance level are different. That’s why Bitsight provides a reporting engine with customized views based on the metrics that are most important to each organization.

Actionable metrics

Bitsight reports make it easy to view metrics for multiple vendors in a single view, so stakeholders can determine where companies are falling short. Security teams can identify the areas posing the greatest risk and take necessary action. Security, risk, and executive teams can find consensus on cyber risk budgets and priorities as they follow their cybersecurity policy.

Why choose Bitsight?

Bitsight has been a leader in security ratings since 2011. Today, we are the most widely adopted Security Ratings solution. Many of the world’s largest organizations and governments trust us to offer a clear picture of their security posture. We supply the data they need for managing third-party risk, enhancing security performance, and refining cybersecurity policy.

Bitsight Security Ratings are used by:

  • 2100+ customers worldwide
  • Companies writing 50% of the world’s cyber insurance premiums
  • 4 of the top 5 investment banks
  • 25,000+ users
  • All 4 of the Big 4 accounting firms
  • 25% of Fortune 500 companies
  • 20% of the world’s countries who trust Bitsight to protect national security
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