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BitSight Security Ratings help telecom companies improve security performance and mitigate third-party risk at scale.

Cyber Risk Management for Telecoms

With massive, deeply interconnected IT systems, cutting-edge technology, large supplier portfolios, and a treasure trove of personal information, telecoms are a constant target for cyber criminals.

In order to improve the efficiency, agility, and effectiveness of their cybersecurity operations, telecoms need a way to gain visibility into cyber risk at scale across internal and third-party systems.

BitSight makes this possible by providing data-driven, objective measurements of security performance.

How Can BitSight Help Your Telecom Company?

Monitor and Manage Vendors

BitSight Security Ratings enable telecoms to assess and continuously monitor the cybersecurity performance of hundreds (or thousands) of third-party suppliers.

Using objective, data-driven measurements, BitSight offers deep insights into third-party security that are refreshed daily and proven to correlate with actual risk of data breach.

Understand and Manage Security Performance at Scale

BitSight Security Ratings enable telecoms to gain a new understanding of cybersecurity performance. Telecoms use BitSight to continuously monitor security performance across their organizations, as well as to assess individual locations or regions.

Because BitSight Security Ratings are based on objective, dynamic measurements, they can be used to help detect unknown risk within distributed networks and gain better visibility into east-west traffic.

Improve Communication and Compliance

BitSight Security Ratings are easy to understand and can be used to improve internal and external communication concerning cyber risk.

Organizations with excellent cybersecurity performance can use their ratings to demonstrate their commitment to protecting sensitive data, creating a new competitive differentiator that can make a big impact on clients and partners.

In addition, security ratings can be used as evidence of adherence to cybersecurity regulations and guidelines like GDPR.

Learn How BitSight Can Help Improve Your Telecom Company’s Security

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