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What’s In It For Me As a BitSight Customer?

Alex Campanelli | February 23, 2018

In today’s day and age, reducing cyber risk needs to be a priority for your organization — but what is the most effective way to tackle building your security program? For seven years, BitSight has proven that we have the most time-tested, trusted, and actionable security ratings that are now used by over 1,000 customers. But when you become a BitSight customer, what are the benefits that you actually receive besides our world-class security ratings solution?  

Leverage a standard, recognizable brand and metric to facilitate collaborative risk mitigation.  

When working with your third parties (and their third parties, or your fourth parties), the growing recognition of BitSight as the clear choice in the security ratings market will allow conversation (and ultimately, risk reduction) to flow more easily. This is because of the familiarity of the BitSight brand; there is less explanation required when leveraging BitSight Security Ratings to facilitate data-driven, risk based conversations with those third and fourth parties.

BitSight reports are commonly the ones being shared with CISOs and other executives more often than any other security rating report. With security incidents increasingly impacting companies’ bottom lines, the Board and the C-suite need an acute understanding of their security posture to inform their decision making. Now more than ever, Boards and executives are looking for greater oversight of the security risk profile of their organizations, including the risk posed by third party vendors and suppliers. For security and risk managers, compiling the right metrics for review is often time-consuming and challenging — that’s where BitSight can help by providing an objective, actionable metric that quantifies cyber risk.

Not only do Boards and executives rely on BitSight for reporting purposes, but cyber insurance companies do as well. BitSight enables cyber insurance carriers, reinsurers, brokers and risk managers to seamlessly identify and measure the risk associated with underwriting cyber liability. This can make it easier for you to leverage your BitSight Security Rating with your cyber insurance carrier. Today, nearly half of all global cyber insurance premium is written by BitSight customers.

Gain access to a large, proven ecosystem.

As a part of BitSight’s customer base, you will come to understand that BitSight has the most organizations reviewing, testing, and annotating our data and ratings daily — that is a large part of our value. This ecosystem also provides input on product features, and helps us to innovate and develop desired capabilities (as well as improve upon existing functionalities). We value the opinions and input of our community and the contributions that they make to our offering.

So why does this matter? With this valuable customer feedback, the quality of both BitSight’s product and data is leaps and bounds above other security ratings services. BitSight’s data makes BitSight Security Ratings the most actionable and highest quality solution, and includes more proprietary data than all security rating service providers combined. Independent third parties have confirmed that BitSight Security Ratings are correlated to the likelihood of a data breach, and ultimately help organizations proactively mitigate risk.

Enjoy a great customer experience and support services that help you operationalize security ratings.

BitSight provides the broadest sharing of customer best practices to help you successfully maximize the value of security ratings.  With over seven years of data, quality improvements, and innovation to ensure our product is intuitive and easy to use, we can confidently offer the best security ratings solution to users.

Most importantly, as a customer you will have access to a strong Customer Success & Support team who both act as advocates for you and enable you to successfully operationalize security ratings. From onboarding and adoption through operationalization and scaling, BitSight Customer Success Managers act as a partner to our customers and ensure they meet their security and risk goals.  Through their experience with over 1,000 worldwide customers, BitSight’s Customer Success team knows how to help customers build successful security and risk programs. Other security ratings service providers do not have the experience necessary to reduce risk and drive business value.

With over seven years of data, quality improvements and innovation, our product is optimized to meet and exceed your needs. BitSight customers reap the benefits of working with the leader in the security ratings market to help build their security and risk programs that ultimately strengthen not only their organization’s security posture but also their third and fourth parties’.

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