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BitSight Executive Reports facilitate data-driven conversations to help teams communicate effectively on security and risk, identify gaps in their cybersecurity programs, and determine where to focus investments for the highest impact on security program performance.

Do you know how your organization’s cybersecurity program is performing in comparison to the industry average?
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With security incidents increasingly impacting companies’ bottom lines, the Board and the C-suite need an acute understanding of their security posture to inform their decision making. Now more than ever, Boards and executives are looking for greater oversight of the security risk profile of their organizations, including the risk posed by third party vendors and suppliers.

For security and risk managers, compiling the right metrics for review is often time-consuming and challenging. Many reports include metrics that do not effectively inform senior executives and the Board of cyber risk in their business ecosystem.

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BitSight Executive Reports make security performance understandable and accessible to the Board and C-suite, driving more informative and productive conversations about cyber risk. Executive Reports enable security and risk professionals to quickly pull metrics that are easily understood by the Board and C-Suite. Users can leverage more than a dozen readily-available reports on the security performance of their organization and their vendor portfolio, or create custom reports on the fly.

Show your organization’s security performance at a high level, or at a granular level with detail on compromised systems and vulnerabilities, security diligence and protocols, user behavior risks, network infrastructure, and domain infrastructure. Reporting in the BitSight platform is intuitive and does not require technical knowledge.

Proven Business Value

Effective Communication

Facilitate easily understood, data-driven conversations about cyber risk in your business ecosystem.

Centralized Reporting

Access information about company and vendor security performance from one central location in the BitSight platform.

Customer-Defined Inputs

Query all your data in the BitSight platform to create flexible, custom reports that speak to your organization's risk tolerance and profile.

Actionable Metrics

Determine if you and your vendors are meeting security performance standards and coordinate a plan of action to remediate any vulnerabilities.

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See how Executive Reporting helps organizations understand and optimize their cybersecurity and risk management programs.

"We presented BitSight Executive Reports to the CIO and his direct reports and it was excellent. BitSight is now a family name inside our technology management organization and a well-respected source of truth of not for only our company, but also for our vendors, potential partners, and competitors."

Security Manager at Leading Financial Firm
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