Putting your Cybersecurity Framework to Work: Tips and Tricks to Operationalize your Framework

Let’s face it. Our connected world faces new and expanded cyber-attacks every week. The threat landscape continues to evolve, and the job of protecting your organization gets more challenging every day. Measuring your program against a cybersecurity framework can provide focus and ensure coverage. But for many, putting that framework into action is still a challenge. How do you operationalize your framework to maximize the security of your organization?

Join us for an educational discussion about putting your security framework to work. In this session we will discuss:

  • Maturing your program to take better advantage of your current framework
  • Setting goals and measurable performance targets for your cybersecurity program
  • Operationalizing the framework at the State of North Carolina
  • Balancing continuous controls improvement with your day-to-day tactical work
  • Communicating performance results to the board and other key stakeholders
Putting your Cybersecurity Framework to Work