3 Ways to make your vendor lifecycle more efficient

Remove inefficiencies in your vendor risk management system

In today’s business environment, getting the most out of your security program budget matters. There’s no room for inefficiencies anymore, which is why finding better processes and policies can be key to maintaining control over your cybersecurity program. Business units are requesting faster vendor onboarding, at-home workforces are increasing the time and communication needed to get the same tasks done, and business leaders are pushing more for money to be saved whenever possible.

As we are experiencing shifts in the way we are used to business being done, we also are experiencing an opportunity to act on these flexible times. Are there parts of your third-party risk management plan that you are having a hard time adjusting to meet new needs? Are you following processes the way you are because it’s proven to be the best, or because that’s just how it’s always been done?

In this guide, we introduce three areas third-party security professionals should consider when updating their processes and enacting efficient solutions. This includes:

  1. Vendor security standards and policies when onboarding
  2. The assessment process to mitigate inherent risk of a vendor throughout your relationship
  3. Communicating third-party risk program details with the board

Download the guide to learn more about increasing TPRM program efficiency.

3 Ways To Make Your Vendor Lifecycle More Efficient