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Mitigating Cybersecurity Risk
Across A Remote Workforce

Resources to Manage The Cybersecurity Risk Of A Remote Workforce

The resources you need to reduce risk and find efficiencies so your employees can stay home and stay safe

In response to the COVID-19 health crisis, a large percentage of the global workforce is now working remotely, in an attempt to contain the spread of the pandemic. While necessary, the radical pivot to remote work on such a large scale also presents entirely new challenges for security and third-party risk management teams. The situation changes daily, everything is happening in real time, in a high-pressure and fluid environment, requiring security teams and leadership to rethink many of the policies, processes, and plans they have in place.

"During the period of March 2020, 13.3% of companies had at least one observation of a malware family on their corporate network for the families we observe, while 45.0% of companies had at least one observation of malware family on their WFH-RO networks, making them 3.5x more likely to have a malware infection present"

BitSight Research: Work from Home - Remote Office Networks

How BitSight can help get a handle on managing your remote workforce security

BitSight data shows that some industries have seen as much as 85% of their workforce shift to remote work. Meanwhile, our data also shows that home network IP’s account for more than 90% of all observed malware infections and compromised systems.

That means that while employees must remain home to stay safe, the shift to home networks that are filled with malware traffic has increased your cyber risk. Additionally, phishing attacks are on the rise as bad actors attempt to exploit the situation.

It’s important to remember that the fundamentals of good security programs and third-party risk management haven’t changed. What’s needed are ways to scale those fundamentals quickly and efficiently to increase visibility and make informed decisions.

Below are a selection of resources that can help your team reduce risk, safeguard your reputation, support your business, and find operational efficiencies to scale security and third-party programs quickly, so you can keep both employees and your organization safe in this uncertain, threat-filled time.

Check back regularly for new resources as they’re available, and don’t forget to visit BitSight Academy for additional information, tips, and training that can help you leverage BitSight more effectively.

Tips To Navigate the New Challenges Homepage Cover
Tips to Navigate the New Security Challenges
With as much as 85% of the workforce shifting to remote work in some industries, the attack surface is growing. Here are some tips on how to quickly identify and remediate new and evolving vulnerabilities.

Below Are More Resources To Help Your Business Navigate These New Challenges

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