A CISO's Compliance Playbook: Strategies to Meet NIS2, DORA, and PS21/3 Requirements

Cyber risk regulations signal a seismic shift toward strengthening cyber resilience and enforcing accountability. CISOs now have more critical and visible roles.

Championing regulations is not just a matter of checking compliance boxes—it’s an opportunity to cement your role as a business leader.

This playbook offers helpful definitions, practical advice, and recommendations from our global team of cyber risk advisors to use throughout your journey towards regulatory compliance.

Discover essential insights, including:

  • Requirements and capabilities to comply with NIS2, DORA, and PS21/3
  • Five proven strategies to leverage compliance as a strategic advantage
  • A comprehensive checklist with 30 questions to self-assess compliance readiness

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“Key to success is ensuring your programme is security led as opposed to compliance led. When this is aligned to measurable frameworks such as NIST, ISO27001, or SOC2 it builds executive and customer trust.”.
Tim Grieveson Transparent Profile

Tim Grieveson
Senior Vice President - Global Cyber Risk, Bitsight


A CISOs Compliance Playbook Strategies to meet NIS2_DORA and PS21-3 Requirements