Cyber Security Threats And Vulnerabilities

Gaining Visibility Into Cyber Security Threats And Vulnerabilities

As your digital ecosystem expands, managing cyber risk grows more difficult by the day. New enterprise IT trends like cloud services, remote networks, and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) can help to make your organization more agile and productive, but they help to expand your attack surface as well. Since many of these new digital initiatives live outside your network, it’s increasingly challenging to gain visibility into cyber security threats and vulnerabilities within your digital footprint.

Bitsight Attack Surface Analytics simplifies the task of managing cyber risk across an increasingly complex attack surface. By providing complete visibility of digital assets and associated risks in the cloud as well as your geographies, subsidiaries, and remote workforce, Bitsight lets you better understand and manage risk in an expanding digital ecosystem.

Bitsight Attack Surface Analytics

Bitsight Attack Surface Analytics provides continuous visibility into your digital ecosystem so you can identify and remediate cyber security threats and vulnerabilities. Bitsight lets you discover and segment the endpoints, applications, and devices within your digital footprint. With that information, you can assess your current risk exposure, prioritize high-risk assets, and take action to remediate risk.

Bitsight Attack Surface Analytics lets you proactively address cyber security threats and vulnerabilities by:

  • Increasing visibility. Bitsight’s centralized dashboard reveals the location of your digital assets broken down by geography, business unit, and cloud provider. It also shows the corresponding cyber risk associated with each endpoint to help speed remediation.
  • Reviewing shadow IT. Bitsight lets you discover hidden vulnerabilities, cloud instances, and potentially unprotected shadow IT being used without the knowledge of IT. With this information, you can assess these endpoints for risk and bring them in line with corporate security policies.
  • Identifying your greatest threats and risks. With a view of digital endpoints throughout your ecosystem, you can visualize areas of critical or disproportionate risk and prioritize remediation.
  • Tracking risk in cloud environments. Bitsight gives you visibility into the risk profile of your assets stored in the cloud, enabling you to better understand security posture as it relates to cloud providers’ shared security models.

Armed with a clearer view of your digital ecosystem and the cyber security threats and vulnerabilities within it, you can make more informed decisions about where to focus your cybersecurity efforts and investments.

Bitsight For Security Performance Management

Bitsight Attack Surface Analytics is part of Bitsight’s broader solution for improving security performance. Bitsight for Security Performance Management offers a risk-based, outcome-driven approach to managing performance of your cybersecurity program. Using broad measurement, continuous monitoring, and detailed planning and forecasting, you can measure the performance of your program and align investments and actions to achieve the highest measurable impact over time.

In addition to offering Attack Surface Analytics, Bitsight helps to identify and remediate cyber security threats and vulnerabilities through:

  • Internal Assessment that reveals how your organization’s security posture is viewed by others.
  • Benchmarking to establish baseline metrics and compare performance against industry peers.
  • Peer analytics that let you conduct an in-depth analysis of how your organization performs in comparison to peers, helping to focus investments for greater impact.
  • Forecasting that projects expected future ratings based on a given plan.
  • Executive Reporting that provides tools to effectively communicate key metrics to the board and senior leadership through customizable reports.
  • NIST & ISO framework mapping that maps your organization’s results to these broadly adopted cybersecurity frameworks.

Mitigating Cyber Security Threats And Vulnerabilities With Bitsight

Bitsight Attack Surface Analytics and Bitsight for Security Performance Management provide a comprehensive set of tools for identifying and mitigating cyber security threats and vulnerabilities. With Bitsight, you can:

  • Achieve continuous visibility into your expanding digital footprint.
  • Measure the impact of cybersecurity controls to ensure that your investments and cybersecurity programs are efficient and effective.
  • Identify gaps in your cybersecurity program through continuous monitoring and automated information technology risk assessments.
  • Prioritize remediation efforts to address areas of greatest risk with alerts set to notify teams when vulnerabilities are detected.
  • Provide a common security framework and language to unite teams across the organization around a focused mission.
  • Make more informed decisions that improve the effectiveness of security tools, technologies, and security teams.

Why Trust Bitsight’s analytics?

Founded in 2011, Bitsight has become the world’s leading security ratings platform. Bitsight Security Ratings offer a proven cyber security assessment tool that delivers a dynamic measurement of an organization’s security performance. Based on objective, independently verified data, Bitsight Security Ratings help organizations make faster, more strategic decisions about cybersecurity and third-party risk management.

In addition to security performance management, Bitsight transforms how companies manage third-party risk in their vendor ecosystem. Bitsight Security Ratings offer a daily assessment of the security posture of third-party vendors, providing a far more comprehensive and accurate assessment of risk than the traditional tools such as a yearly security compliance questionnaire or a cyber security risk assessment checklist. By enabling greater visibility into third-party risk, Bitsight helps organizations improve their security posture and manage risk more effectively.

FAQs: What Are Cyber Security Threats And Vulnerabilities?

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