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BitSight gives manufacturers unprecedented visibility into internal and supply chain cyber risk.

Cyber Risk Management for Manufacturing

When it comes to data breaches, manufacturing is a highly vulnerable industry. In 2017, 39% of manufacturers reported experiencing breaches.

Given what industry cyber risk professionals have to contend with, this isn’t surprising. Securing a complex device landscape that puts emerging technology and legacy control systems side by side is a challenge. Engaging a vast and varied supply chain and enforcing cybersecurity requirements can seem nearly impossible. Can all this be done while keeping up with evolving regulations? Not without help.

Help is here. 60+ manufacturers use BitSight Security Ratings to solve their most pressing cybersecurity issues. The BitSight Platform empowers manufacturers to monitor and remediate both internal and supply chain cyber risk leveraging continuous and actionable data.

Case Study
STERIS Adopts BitSight Security Ratings to Manage Cyber Risk

STERIS, a medical manufacturer, wanted to compare the strength of its information security with that of its competitors, peers, and acquisition targets. They chose BitSight Security Ratings for Benchmarking which provides objective, quantitative security risk ratings and insight into the security performance of organizations and their peers.

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How Can BitSight Help Manufacturers?

Continuously Monitor and Manage Security Performance

The complexity of manufacturing IT systems generates countless cybersecurity blind spots. BitSight offers objective, verifiable information, enabling manufacturers to uncover and remediate cyber risk.

View overall security posture at a glance, then drill down to get contextualized reports on specific risk vectors like open ports, botnet infections, malware servers, desktop and mobile software, and more.

Gain Visibility into Supply Chain Cyber Risk

With expansive supply chains and huge vendor portfolios, manufacturers are particularly exposed to third-party cyber risk.

Cyber criminals may be able to access your sensitive systems and data through the network of a connected third party. Even if an attack doesn’t touch your systems directly, supply chain risk can cause damaging downtime.

BitSight Security Ratings allow manufacturers to continuously monitor the security posture of their entire supply chain, gaining unprecedented insight into third-party security performance to drive risk-based decision making.

Better Data Equals Better Security

BitSight collects best-in-class security data through the largest proprietary data set of any security ratings provider and exclusive partnerships with proven global organizations, producing more accurate and reliable security ratings. In fact, BitSight Security Ratings have been independently proven to correlate to risk of data breach.

In addition, BitSight is the only SRS provider that measures risks associated with mobile applications and IoT, both of which are major sources of cyber threats for manufacturers and their suppliers.

Learn How BitSight Can Help Reduce Cyber Risk for Manufacturers

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