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BitSight helps federal agencies gain visibility into the cybersecurity of contractors and subcontractors and improve management of their internal systems.

Cyber Risk Management for Federal Agencies

Federal agencies are responsible for some of the most critical systems and data in the world. However, they also face unique cybersecurity challenges due to resource constraints and a heavy reliance on contractors and subcontractors.

According to the U.S. Office of Management and Budget, 74% of federal agencies have cybersecurity programs that are either “at risk” or “at high risk.” Improving security at these agencies will require updating internal systems, continuously monitoring and managing risks created by contractor relationships, and preparing for emerging threats.

BitSight provides objective, independent measurements of security performance, enabling federal IT and security teams to continuously monitor contractor and subcontractor cybersecurity performance, enhance oversight into federal agency security, and effectively measure, manage, and communicate risk with key stakeholders.


Beyond Uncle Sam: Understanding Risk in the Federal Supply Chain

BitSight analyzed the cybersecurity performance of federal agencies and their contractors. Read our findings.

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How Can BitSight Help Your Agency?

Reduce Risks Associated with Contractors and Subcontractors

Federal agencies often work with thousands of contractors who store sensitive data or have access to sensitive systems. That creates a huge source of risk.

BitSight allows federal agencies to continuously monitor the security performance of contractors and subcontractors, determine the greatest sources of risk in the supply chain, and engage with these organizations to help them improve security performance.

Security ratings can also be used to rapidly assess the security performance of contractors during the RFP process, ensuring that a strong security assessment is baked into the initial decision.

Gain Visibility into Risk and Prioritize Remediation Efforts

When an organization has limited resources with which to improve cybersecurity, it’s critical that the areas of highest concern get addressed first. But how can you know which areas are generating the most risk?

BitSight delivers a continuous, data-driven measure of security performance, with grades for specific risk vectors like botnet infections, patching cadence, and open ports. These ratings can be used to identify the greatest sources of risk and measure the ROI of remediation efforts.

Improve Reporting and Compliance

BitSight creates a detailed record of cybersecurity performance based on objective measurements. With easy-to-understand metrics, the BitSight platform can be used to generate reports that demonstrate key issues and remediation efforts and their effect on overall risk.

Federal agencies can use BitSight to improve communication to both internal and external stakeholders, and to provide evidence of adherence to various regulations and compliance requirements.

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