BitSight for Fourth-Party
Risk Management

Manage the risk surface of your extended ecosystem by continuously monitoring business connections and expanding your visibility to achieve a new level of risk awareness and reduction. 

Learn how to identify areas of concentrated cyber risk by automatically pinpointing risky business connections.
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Your extended ecosystem is a complex web of interconnected business relationships which continue to extend your risk surface across your third parties and beyond. Many organizations rely on their third parties to monitor their fourth parties, using passive methods of enforcement, including contracts, SLAs, warranties, and self-assessments that provide point-in-time information and no validation. Without a clear understanding of the business relationships and risk surface of your extended ecosystem, outages, disruptions, and compromises can threaten your organization, holding you liable for data loss, and making it difficult to achieve any level of cyber resiliency.
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BitSight for Fourth-Party Risk Management enables organizations to identify areas of concentrated cyber risk by automatically pinpointing connections between any organization, its business partners, and potentially risky fourth parties, including service providers and subcontractors, to ensure that the relationship fits into your business and information security strategy.

Proven Business Value

vendor discovery
Uncover business relationships to enhance the visibility of your inventory
Identify vendors you do business with and validate their use of subcontractors.
Quickly identify & highlight risky business connections

Empower your teams to manage new risks and stay ahead of emerging threats stemming from business connections with weak security programs.

data breach response
Understand concentration risk & achieve a higher level of business resiliency

Know how to plan for disaster recovery, assess downstream impacts, and streamline your breach response.

communicate risk
Communicate effectively & in a way everyone will understand
Report on all relationships, concentration risk, and cyber resiliency in business terms.
Actuarial data to properly manage cyber aggregate risk

For cyber insurers, BitSight identifies any company’s links to email and web hosting providers, certificate authorities, domain registrars, and more, enabling the continuous monitoring of clients during and after the application process.

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With a complete view of your extended ecosystem and the risk surface it presents, the next question can often be what action do you take. As with all types of risk you have the same options to accept, transfer, avoid, or optimize it. Organizations using BitSight for Fourth-Party Risk Management often leverage its capabilities to:

  • Add fourth parties to their list of continuously monitored vendors
  • Validate assessment responses from third parties on the use of fourth parties
  • Enforce or update contract terms limiting third parties from using fourth parties
  • Adjust their business continuity and disaster recovery plans
  • Include breaches and downtime as part of their cyber insurance policy

BitSight leverages the most accurate data sources in the world to pinpoint business connections with in-depth network maps that enable risk and security teams to search a growing database of thousands of companies and cloud service providers. BitSight for Fourth-Party Risk Management identifies and tracks over 11,000 unique products across 77 product types allowing for more comprehensive visibility and risk management than any other solution on the market. 

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"BitSight allows for rapid analysis, and we're finding that its ease of use and comprehensive view of aggregation encourages well-informed decision-making at all levels of business."

Scott Stransky, AIR Worldwide

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