How to Protect Your Digital Supply Chain & Improve Third-Party Risk Management

Who’s responsible for the digital supply chain?

Recent incidents at Ticketmaster, Scottrade, and Universal Music Group illustrate an important trend in supply chain risk management. Businesses are now being held responsible — by regulators, investors, and customers — for the actions (or negligent inaction) of technology providers in their digital supply chains.

In response, organizations must place new emphasis on protecting their digital supply chains. In this white paper, we detail several actionable strategies businesses can use to prevent cyber attacks and other incidents from occurring within their third- and fourth-party networks. These strategies include:

  • Mapping the digital supply chain
  • Building a risk management software architecture
  • Assessing third-party risk
  • Establishing pre-procurement standards
  • Assessing fourth- and fifth-party risk

Download this white paper to learn how to protect your digital supply chain and create an effective third-party risk management program.

How to Protect Your Digital Supply Chain and Improve Third-Party Risk Management